Severe Weather Preparedness

As identified on the Ready.Gov web site and references in the Radford University natural disaster information sections, natural disasters such as flood, fire, earthquake, tornado and windstorm affect thousands of people every year.  As with any community, Radford University students, staff, and visitors also need to be prepared to respond to unexpected hazards and weather related disasters.

Information is provided on the linked web pages based on both Ready.Gov and FEMA preparedness planning for natural disasters. The best way for Radford students and staff to be ready for unexpected natural disasters including annual snow, severe weather, and tornado related occurrences is to prepare including putting together an Emergency supply kit and being aware of campus building evacuation and response plans. Remember, each potential emergency is unique and knowing the actions to take for each threat will impact the specific decisions and preparations you make.

On the left side of this web page are specific information links referencing specifc severe weather preparedness information and planning.