Emergency Operations Plan

Note: The RU Emergency Operations Plan and ESF’s are currently going through  annual review and update.

Radford University is vulnerable to a variety of hazards such as hurricanes, winter storms, tornadoes, flooding, hazardous materials incidents, resource shortages and terrorism. To respond effectively to any emergency of a size or complexity beyond routine response systems, it is critical that all University staff, City of Radford public officials, departments and agencies, non-governmental emergency organizations, students, and the public understand their roles and responsibilities.  These non-routine responsibilities begin as the incident is recognized and response ensues, and become particularly important as command organizes beyond the initial reactive phase of first responders.

A planned-for and coordinated response on the part of state and local officials in support of in-the-field emergency responders can save lives, protect property, and more quickly restore essential services. The foundation for this coordinated response is established through the Radford University Emergency Operations Plan.  The Commonwealth of Virginia Emergency Services and Disaster Laws of 2000 (Code of Virginia, § 44-146.13 to 44-146.29:2) requiring that state and local governments develop and maintain current Emergency Operations Plans (EOP) in order to be prepared for such events and the Code of Virginia Chapter 1 of Title 23-9.2:.  

The Radford University Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) consists of a basic plan with extensive supporting documents listed in the Reference, Annex, and Supporting Document section of the EOP. The documents, plans, annexes, and references identified and listed provide reference and detailed procedures not available for public view. This allows for posting of EOP on the OEP web site as well as public access as well as dissemination of campus copies without compromising sensitive response information primarily for campus threat/response plans. The public versions will also not contain sensitive contact information for campus personnel and staff. The EOP is reviewed, approved, and submitted to the Virginia Deparment of Emergency Management  on an annual basis. The updated EOP will be posted prior to the fall, 2013 semester. 

The purpose of the Basic Emergency Operations Plan is to establish the legal and organizational basis for operations at Radford University to effectively respond to and recover from all-hazards disasters and/or emergency situations. The EOP identifies and establishes roles, responsibilities, response structure, linked to department and university policies and procedures to support the response to a campus emergency or disaster event. The EOP assigns broad responsibilities to University Departments and support organizations for all-hazards disaster prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery.  These responsibilities are generally extensions of normal, day-to-day functions involving the same personnel and material resources.  Supporting plans for all-hazards disasters set forth the concepts and procedures whereby the university can effectively apply available resources to insure that casualties and property damage will be minimized and that essential services will be restored as soon as possible following an emergency or disaster situation.

As described in the introduction section, the Radford University EOP incorporates a number of RU Office of Emergency Preparedness plans and procedures including the OEP Strategic Plan, Strategic Action Plans, OEP Training Plan, Continuity of Operations Plan, as well as identified procedure specific Annexes sections that support the operational EOP. The supporting documents also identify and incorporate National Incident Management (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS) checklists and procedures including guidelines for campus staff training and NIMS compliance guidelines. 

While the primary purpose of the EOP is to establish primary and essential preparedness and response functions that will protect the faculty, staff, students, and visitors to Radford University, the EOP also establishes working agreements through training, response to actual events, and advanced preparedness planning with regional first responders to perform the primary functions of the EOP.

NOTE: The section links shown below are the base Radford University Emergency Operations Plan. Any information related to emergency oeperations specifics including personel assignments and contact information is not shown. Specific university responce annex documents with sensitive personel and responce information are not accesable through this web site. Contact the Office of Emergency Preparedness if additional clarification is required.

The following documents are PDF.