Continuity of Operations Plan

A Continuity of Operations Plan describes how an agency or institution of higher education will continue to provide essential services or perform mission essential functions during a disaster or other event that disrupts normal operations. Continuity of Operation planning is critical to the ability of the Commonwealth to continue to deliver valuable and essential services to its citizens during and immediately after a disaster.
(Office of the Govenor, Execuitive Order No. 41, 2011)

Radford University’s mission is to serve the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nation through a wide range of academic, cultural, human service, and research programs. First and foremost, the university emphasizes teaching and learning and the process of learning in its commitment to the development of mature, responsible, welleducated citizens (7-17 RU Strategic Plan).  To accomplish this mission, Radford University must ensure its operations are performed with minimal disruption during all-hazards emergencies or other situations that disrupt normal operations.  This document provides planning and program guidance for implementing Radford Universities Continuity Plan and Continuity Program to ensure the agency is capable of conducting its mission essential functions (MEFs) under all threats and conditions. The agency is committed to the safety and protection of its personnel, contractors, operations, and facilities.  This Continuity Plan is a recovery plan that works as a companion plan with the Emergency Operations Plan, Training Plan, Strategic Plan, and the Information Technology Disaster Recovery Plan (ITDRP) and provides a framework to minimize potential impact and allow for rapid recovery from an incident that disrupts operations. This plan encompasses the magnitude of operations and services performed by the agency, and is tailored to the agency’s unique operations and MEFs.

This Continuity Plan was prepared by Radford University to develop, implement and maintain a viable continuity capability. This plan complies with applicable internal agency policy, state regulations and supports recommendations provided in FEMA’s Continuity Guidance Circular 1 (CGC 1) and Continuity Guidance Circular 2 (CGC 2). This Continuity Plan has been distributed internally to appropriate personnel within the university and with external organizations that might be affected by its implementation.