Alert Notification Sign Up

Radford University has deployed the Blackboard/ConnectED Alert Notification System and is now accessible through the Radford university web portal. The system allows university students, faculty, and staff to sign-up and receive emergency messages, severe weather notifications, and campus closings and delay information. These messages are relayed through multiple mediums including, telephone, email, and text messaging. When you register for RU Alert the following detailed information applies:

  • Primary Phone Number: This is normally your cell or home phone where you would receive alert phone and text messages.
  • Email: This is for your email that is NOT AN RU EMAIL. Radford University will send a separate email through the RU email system if an alert or emergency information is initiated.
  • Text Number: If this is the same as your cell phone number click the box to the right titled Same as Phone Number. If a text message number is different enter the number here. Also enter your cell phone provider.
  • Alternative emergency phone/email contact: This is a secondary phone contact that, for many students, is a parent or family member. In some instances, for married graduate students, it may be a spouse home, work, or cell number.¬†
  • Submit or cancel your submission: If you leave the university or wish to remove your contact information please ensure you come back into the system and check Remove me from the emergency contact system.

Sign Up for RU Alert

View instructions on how to sign up to receive RU Alert messages and notifications through the MyRU portal.

If you have additional questions about signing up for RU Alerts, please call the Office of Emergency Preparedness at 540-831-7155 or 540-831-6696.