Radford Alert Emergency Notification System

Radford University uses multiple communication technologies to quickly notify students, staff, and visitors of a perceived or actual threat and/or emergency situation that may directly impact the campus community. The following is a listing of primary and secondary systems.

Radford Alert

The Radford Alert system allows students, faculty, and staff to receive emergency messages through telephone, email, and text messaging. Additionally, when a Radford Alert is generated additional campus alert technologies can be activated providing a multiple alert capability.

Students, faculty, and staff are automatically enrolled into Radford Alert through their Banner profile. This allows students, faculty, and staff to receive Radford Alert messages via cell phone calls, SMS messaging, and personal email addresses.  

Ensure your information is up-to-date by visiting MyRU and clicking the Personal Info icon, to review and update your profile as it is needed.

Note: Radford Alert goes into effect July 24, 2020

Additional alert technology services include the following:

Campus Email

In the event of any emergency or need to relay important information to the Radford University community, an alert notification is sent that reaches all radford.edu email users. The email system also will be used to provide continuing information about the emergency or event. This email will go to all Radford University email recipients regardless of being registered in the Radford Alert system.

Alertus Desktop Notification

Alertus desktop notification software has been installed on all campus owned computers, campus computer labs and multi-media classroom computers.  In the event of an emergency, the Alertus Desktop notification will generate a full-screen notification message.  This is a popup window and only requires that the computer user acknowledge the alert by clicking on the acknowledge button at the bottom of the alert screen. It does not impact any program running on the computer.

Campus VoIP Telephone Reverse Announcement

In the event of an emergency the message generated by the Radford Alert system will initiate a reverse audio message through VoIP telephones.  Additionally, campus buildings are equipped with either building speakers or fire alarm annunciators to broadcast the Radford Alert when initiated.

Campus Digital Signage Displays

The campus currently uses digital signage displays, or televisions, to display current events, departmental announcements, and other updates that are pertinent to the college to a number of buildings on campus.  In the event of an emergency the message generated by the Radford Alert system will initiate all campus digital signage displays to broadcast the Radford Alert notification.

Campus Siren System

Radford University deploys four campus siren system units on campus buildings.  The operation of the system provides a first notification siren alarm wail and the ability to generate a verbal communication via the siren PA system.

Radford University Homepage

In the event of a major threat or emergency that requires quick and concise information, the university homepage will show a popup window on the main page with the information related to the emergency as well as following updates.