Let's Collaborate Cross-Campus

Entrepreneurship and innovation complement nearly all programs of study on campus. For this reason, the Venture Lab seeks to collaborate with faculty and students across campus, including:

  • Human and Behavioral Sciences
  • Science and Technology
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Health and Human Services
  • Education and Human Development
  • Office of Undergraduate Research (OURS)
  • Office of Graduate Studies and Research


  1. Schedule an innovation workshop for your classes. We will take attendance for you. Click here to schedule.  
  2. Schedule a collaborative study or team session for students on days you must be out (great for midterms & finals). We will take attendance, if needed.  Click here.
  3. Host mission-aligned events and meetings in the Venture Lab.  To book the conference room or entire Venture Lab, Click here.
  4. Encourage students to book the lab for mission-aligned club meetings.  Students can book the conference room or entire Venture Lab by Clicking here.
  5. Encourage student leaders/groups to become a certified junior innovation facilitators.  Students may choose an innovation focus, including social, corporate, startup, marketing, financial, academic, or all the above.  Click here.
  6. Recommend business-themed movies for movie night – Click here.
  7. Donate food, drinks and other necessities for students working in the VL.  Any donations can be left in the kitchen on the island.
  8. Faculty - Give students extra credit for attending events in the Venture Lab, especially the upcoming Innovation Challenge. Even better, build participation into the required course activities. 
  9. Look for opportunities to tie the VL to other DCOBE and university events.
  10. Bring campus and community challenges to the VL for student-led innovation challenges. 
  11. Register for a Design for Change Facilitator Certificate, which is available free to faculty until May, 2023. Complements of Venture Lab.  Check VL’s website.
  12. Enjoy new Innovation tools - 3D printers (thanks, Zach), heat press, a creative prototyping cart, VC pitch games, VR Headsets (coming soon).
  13. Include this in your syllabus:


Located in the basement of Kyle Hall, Venture Lab is an interdisciplinary learn-by-doing lab designed to promote innovation and entrepreneurship at Radford University. Our mission is to inspire, empower, and motivate entrepreneurial students and faculty across all majors to serve as a force for good in society. To support the mission, Venture Lab provides experiential, real-world experiences, mentorship, networking, and changemaking opportunities.  

  • All Radford students are welcome to use the space for mission-aligned group projects, club meetings, or just a touch-down place between classes.  There’s a great kitchen packed with snacks, goodies, water, and coffee (k-cups). Fresh fruitwill be available for students Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Feel free to grab and go.  
  • Work Opportunities are available through the Brand Ambassador program at $11/hour for 12 hours/week.  Interested students can find out more by visiting this link.
  • VL Flyer:  Click here (Scan QR code to learn about upcoming events). 
  • Upcoming Events will be listed here.