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Venture Lab - Brand Ambassador Search

About the Venture Lab

The Venture Lab is an interdisciplinary learn-by-doing lab for innovation and entrepreneurship at Radford University. We believe the American Dream of entrepreneurship should be inclusive and accessible to all. Our mission is to inspire, empower, and motivate entrepreneurial students and faculty across all majors to serve as a force for good in society. We encourage and empower students to solve problems intuitively, to think outside the "traditional" definition of entrepreneurism and redefine its perception with concepts such as social, economic and environmental problem-solving. To support our mission, the Venture Lab provides real-world experiences, mentorship, networking, and change-making opportunities.

The lab isn’t solely a place for business ventures; innovators who love to solve wicked problems of the world are invited to apply for a position at the Venture Lab.

About Brand Ambassadors

Entrepreneurship is much more than starting a business, it lives inside of you. Part of your job as Brand Ambassador is to change the narrative around entrepreneurship and get others excited about the awesome space in the Venture Lab! Brand Ambassadors are often the liaison for other students who are not aware of what the Venture Lab has to offer. They help to build the brand through word of mouth via friends, professors, clubs, and networks. Many different skill sets are needed at the Venture Lab, including social media, graphic design, video production and editing, event planning and coordination, writing and blogging, and an administrative runner.

Positions Available

The Venture Lab provides multiple pathways for creative, entrepreneurial students to build their own portfolios. This often helps to demonstrate professional skills that employers are looking for in future employees. The following positions are available as for-credit internship or paid work-study opportunities.  

Social Media Management

  • Develop a social media campaign across multiple platforms
  • Execute the plan by scheduling posts regularly across all platforms
  • Research other similar organizations for creative ideas
  • Take initiative to propose new social media ideas

Graphic Design

  • Design flyers, posters, and brochures using Photoshop and/or Canva
  • Design presentation slides, as needed using Canva
  • Design social media elements, as needed

Video Production & Editing

  • Propose creative ways to use video to promote the Venture Lab
  • Edit existing videos
  • Research other similar organizations for creative ideas
  • Take initiative to propose new social media ideas

Event Planning & Coordination

  • Post online about upcoming events
  • Create engaging events 
  • Create event descriptions
  • Promote the event to different student groups and faculty 
  • Establishing the event calendar

Writing - Blogging & Editing

  • Edit all writing for the Venture Lab's promotions/flyers/editorials
  • Create content for the website
  • Create event descriptions
  • Promote the mission of the Venture Lab through blogs
  • Promote the event to different student groups and faculty 

Runner/Administrative Support

  • Communicating about needs in the Venture Lab
  • Executing visions
  • Run errands across campus
  • Hang posters and flyers for upcoming events
  • Keeps the morale high

Are You a Fit?

  • Availability - The Venture Lab is open from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. Work study students are required to work approximately 12 hours a week. If your course or other work schedules do not allow this level of commitment, this may not be an ideal fit. However, we will make every effort to work with your course schedule to determine a mutually beneficial schedule.

  • Professionalism & Reliability - This is a professional, resumé building position and it is important that you maintain professionalism. In other words, always show up for your designated shift on time. If for some reason you aren’t able to, communicate that to your supervisor as soon as you know. Multiple no-shows is a signal that this position is simply not a good fit.  

  • All Majors Invited - We invite students from all backgrounds and majors to launch the Venture Lab into an innovative space that is open for all ideas. You are the bridge for that!

  • Critical Thinking & Creativity - This job will require you to use critical thinking and creativity skills to support the lab’s mission and vision.

  • Friendliness & Positive Attitude - It is important that we apply these to coworkers, students, staff, and other visitors who may visit the Venture Lab.

  • Entrepreneurship and/or Changemaking - Ideal applicants will have a natural interest in either starting a business or changing the world for the better (changemaking).

Interested in Applying?

[NOTE:  All 2022-2023 Brand Ambassador positions are filled.  However, please fill out the form below to be considered for paid positions or unpaid internship opportunities become available].