BB&T Global Capitalism Lecture Series

The Radford University Global Capitalism Lecture Series, sponsored by BB&T, is part of a semiannual symposium to stimulate thought and discussion about capitalism, the tenets of free enterprise and the best practices of successful organizations. The Radford University Global Capitalism Lecture Series is underwritten by a gift to the Radford University College of Business & Economics by BB&T in 2009.

Previous Speakers


Jennifer Grossman, Spring 2017
CEO of the Atlas Society

John Allison

John Allison, Fall 2016
Retired Chairman and CEO BB&T
Retired President and CEO of the Cato Institute


Barry DuVal, Spring 2016
President & CEO of Virginia Chamber of Commerce

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Brady Deato, Fall 2015
BIFAD Chair & Chancellor Emeritus of University of Missouri


Ann Cudd, Spring 2015
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the University of Kansas



Russell S. Sobel, Fall 2014
Visiting Scholar in Entrepreneurship in the School of Business Administration at The Citadel


Steve Pearlstein, Spring 2014
Pulitzer-prize winning business and economics columnist for the Washington Post


Christopher Coyne, Fall 2013
Director of Graduate Studies of the Department of Economics at George Mason University


Hamid Ghanadan, Spring 2013
Founder and President of the Linus Group


Mary Rose Carosia and Theresa Werner, Fall 2012
Standard and Poors (S&P) Capital IQ


Kevin Daley, Spring 2012
Former Vice President at the J. Walter Thompson Advertising Agency and Founder of Communispond


Faye Gilbert, Fall 2011
Dean of Radford University College of Business and Economics


Jason Bingham, Spring 2011
Vice President, Central Territory of North America, for Ingersoll Rand


John Allison, Fall 2010
Former BB&T Chair and Chief Executive Officer


Keith Shields, Fall 2009
Senior Statistician and Analytic Development Lead for Marketing Associates in Detroit