Undergraduate Degrees

The College of Business and Economics (COBE) offers several majors and minors at the undergraduate level.  All business majors are required to complete a pre-business program prior to admission to a business major.  Most of the courses in the pre-business program consist of courses in the general education requirements.  In addition to the pre-business program, there is a common set of core classes which all business majors must complete for the B.B.A. degree.  Information about the pre-business program, as well as the requirements for majors and minors, is available below.

During your first two years of study in business (other than economics majors), you are advised by the COBE Advising Center. During your last two years, you are assigned to a faculty advisor.  Additional academic information about the requirements of the B.B.A. degree are provided by the Advising Center. If you wish to major in economics, you will be advised by the Department of Economics all four years and should contact the department for specific course requirements.

The College of Business and Economics also offers eight minor programs.