Internship Program


What is an Internship?

An internship is the supervised placement of a student in a profit or not-for-profit work setting for a specified period of time. Internships carry academic credit and can be paid or unpaid. It is a learning and working experience that is structured with learning objectives. When you leave Radford University, your marketability will be enhanced with an internship.

What are the prerequisites for Davis College of Business and Economics course registration?

You must be a declared business major, junior or senior in good standing, with a GPA of 2.5, and the majority of business core classes completed. You must have completed the introductory course(s) for your major to qualify. This is a senior level course for business majors. The courses are: ACTG 490, FINC 490, ECON 490, MGNT 490, MKTG 490. You cannot register for the course online.

What is the process for an internship?

The basic process is:

  • turn in the application to the Davis College of Business and Economics Academic Advisors
  • meet with respective faculty course advisor 
  • decide on desired objectives 
  • determine possible sponsors 
  • interview 
  • agree with sponsor on learning objectives 
  • sign all contracts 
  • bring documentation to be registered 
  • begin journal 
  • employer will be contacted for evaluation of your work habits/abilities 
  • complete projects 
  • turn in project for grading.

    Typically, an internship course requires a journal, reflective paper and portfolio. Your respective Intern Faculty Advisor will discuss learning objectives and course requirements with you. Reflection on your experience will illuminate your strengths and weaknesses. You will have the opportunity to capitalize on your strengths, and improve on your weaknesses before you leave Radford.

    You will not be registered for the class until all paperwork is signed and approved. If your internship is unpaid, you cannot begin work until all paperwork is signed.

    The Davis College of Business and Economics does NOT give Internship course credit for work and or experiences you have already gained. You must discuss learning objectives with the course faculty advisor prior to accepting a position for course credit.

    For additional information about the internship program contact the Academic Success Center in Young Hall and read the Internship Handbook.

Internship Checklist

  1. Application, including resume, is turned in to Davis College of Business and Economics Academic Advisors.
  2. Meet with assigned internship faculty advisor for course. Discuss your learning objectives, possible sponsors and course requirements.
  3. Resumes, letters of introduction, or inquiring phone calls made/sent to potential sponsors.
  4. Set interview time with potential sponsors.
  5. Interview.
  6. Meet with sponsor to determine learning objectives and work schedule.
  7. Meet with faculty advisor for approval of learning objectives.
  8. Contracts signed by student and agency.
  9. Tuition paid for semester of internship.
  10. Contracts signed by respective faculty advisor, and Radford University representatives.
  11. Bring contracts to advising for final signature and copy.
  12. Begin journal.
  13. About five weeks into the fall/spring semester, you will need to turn in a typed copy of your journal to the course faculty advisor.
  14. Complete academic course requirements by the scheduled last day of class in the semester.
  15. Turn in all work required by the last day of class for the semester.