Davis College/BB&T Innovation Contest

Make A Difference!

OVERVIEW: Davis College/BB&T Innovation Contest

Low cost / High Impact Innovation and/or Startups

An undergraduate saw a need for late night dining in Radford and started a hotdog stand with an investment of less than $500. He then bought a set of cheap colorful sunglasses and sold them on campus. His sunglass company now sells to high fashion department stores…

In the North Shore of Chicago a retiree did some research on the local homeless problem. She was surprised to find that a significant percentage of the homeless were veterans or disabled persons already receiving or eligible for sufficient governmental benefits to rent decent living space. Investing only her time, she started an organization to work with this group to help them into decent housing.

Three undergraduate students – two from VT and one from RU – founded a firm called Lujure to build Facebook Pages. Now called Heyo the firm has had two rounds of equity financing and employs 20 people in Blacksburg. The firm was entirely funded by pre-sales: no initial investment was necessary.

Three impactful innovations and startups started with less than $500!

What is YOUR idea for a low-cost for-profit or social innovation or startup???

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