COBE Fellows

The Purpose of the COBE Fellows

The COBE Fellows program provides you an opportunity to work with a select group of faculty at Radford University and other universities across the world to develop a unique perspective of the global business environment, and gain cross cultural competencies to enhance your university experience and career.

COBE Fellows Program


The COBE Fellows experience...

  • Selected courses with other COBE Fellows
  • Faculty-student mentoring
  • Networking with global business executives
  • Job shadowing opportunities
  • Internships
  • Immersion learning excursions during and between semesters
  • Short term and/or semester study abroad programs
  • College and university recognition
  • Scholarships

Applying to COBE Fellows


The COBE Fellows selection process is highly-competitive and application review is very thorough, but no one particular admission factor serves as the basis for acceptance into the COBE Fellows Program. 

Instead, the COBE Fellows admissions team utilizes a holistic approach in that they consider every aspect of an applicant’s application for admission, including but not limited to:  Overall GPA (3.4 recommended for competitive consideration); SAT/ACT score; Class rank; Extra-curricular activities; Application Essay; and Letters of Recommendation. 

We are seeking distinctive student leaders who are academically driven and desire an unparalleled college experience with like-minded peers.  We want you to tell us why you should be a COBE Fellow!

COBE Fellows Application Deadline

 To be considered for Priority Admissions, completed applications must be received by March 23rd, 2018

Additional reviews of applications will be made on a space-available basis and dates are TBD.

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