Davis College Fellows


The Davis College Business Fellows is a program of excellence for distinctive business students in the Davis College of Business and Economics. The program showcases the diversity, uniqueness, talent and drive of Davis College’s top students while simultaneously fostering excellence by providing access to resources, guidance, incentives and opportunities for distinguishing achievements. By participating in the program, students get valuable experiences in the four domains of business education: Business Acumen and Inquiry, Professional Development, Leadership and Community, and Global Citizenship.

Davis College Fellows are rewarded for outstanding performance.  Students work to acquire points which they can cash in for benefits that enhance their professional and academic experience.

Through their efforts, Davis Fellows achieve a higher level of awesomeness!

Davis College Fellows Program


The Davis College Fellows experience includes

  • Selected courses with other Davis College Fellows
  • Faculty-student mentoring
  • Networking with business executives
  • Job shadowing and internship opportunities
  • Opportunities to engage in applied projects, research, consulting and other professional development activities
  • Opportunities for learning excursions during and between semesters


The rewards that Fellows can acquire for these activities include:

  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Priority enrollment during registration.
  • Distinction on diploma upon graduation.
  • Access to select academic and professional resources.
  • Discounts for certifications.
  • Professional development opportunities.
  • Fast-pass access to MBA courses.
  • Tickets to award ceremonies, special events and honors dinners.
  • Davis College merchandise not available to the general population.
  • Recognition at honors events.

Applying to Davis College Fellows


The Davis College Fellows selection process is highly-competitive and involves the consideration of several admission factors as the basis for acceptance into the program. 

Specifically, the Davis College Fellows admissions team utilizes a holistic approach in that they consider each aspect of an applicant’s application for admission, including but not limited to: 

Overall GPA (3.5 recommended for competitive consideration); SAT/ACT score; Extra-curricular activities; and Application Letter. 

The ultimate aim of the selection process is to identify and select distinctive student leaders who are academically driven and desire an unparalleled college experience with like-minded peers.  We want you to tell us why you should be a Davis College Fellow!

Davis College Fellows Application Deadline

To be considered for Priority Admissions, completed applications must be received by May 30. Additional reviews of applications will be made on a space-available basis. Students selected for the program will be notified via e-mail no later than July 30.

Apply NOW to join the Davis College Fellows!

Interested in becoming a Davis College Fellow? 

For more information regarding the Davis Fellows program, policies, or procedures, please contact:

Dr. James Lollar, Director
Davis College Fellows
Kyle Hall 366E