Transfer Student FAQ

Considering Radford for Business:

What business majors are offered?

Will my Associate's Degree take care of my general education?

State Policy on Transfer:

To encourage the transfer of students from the Virginia Community College System to Radford University, the State Policy on Transfer has been embraced by Radford University, effective Fall 1993. A student who transfers to Radford University from a Virginia Community College will be considered to have satisfied Radford’s general education requirements if any of the following is met:

  • The student has by the time of transfer earned an Associate Degree from a Virginia community college based on a baccalaureate-oriented sequence of courses (i.e., the Associate of Arts, Associate of Science or Associate of Arts and Science); or
  • The student is able to earn such a degree by successfully completing at a Virginia community college, courses remaining for the Associate Degree concurrently with the first semester of enrollment at Radford; or
  • The student will earn an Associate Degree as a result of credit earned during his or her first semester of enrollment at Radford, up to a maximum of 10 hours. Students who do not meet any of these criteria must complete Radford’s course-specific general education requirements.

The transfer degrees accepted as satisfying General Education at Radford University are the Associate of Arts, Associate of Science and the Associate of Arts and Science. Transfer credit evaluations are performed by the Office of Admissions. Questions concerning transfer credit may be directed to this office. Community college students completing the Transfer Module will receive credit toward completion of Radford’s general education requirements. Credits earned with a grade lower than “C” will not transfer to Radford University. Refer to the  Radford University Transfer Guide (copies available from the Office of Admissions) for more detailed information concerning the State Policy on Transfer.

How do I know if my courses will transfer?

  • Our office does not evaluate transcripts from other institutions, please contact the Radford University’s Office of Admissions regarding evaluations. 
  • Radford partners with Virginia community colleges to provide a list of preapproved courses that will transfer to Radford (after receiving a grade of a “C” or higher) and what the course will transfer in as.
  • The VCCS Transfer Guide will help you determine the Radford equivalency. 

Are there scholarships available for transfer students?

Yes! There are specific scholarships that are only offered to transfer students, and others that are offered for specific majors. They can be found at

Transfer students must apply to the University by March 15th to be eligible for the scholarships.

After you have been admitted:

How do I find out who my advisor is?

  • New Transfers: After you attend Quest, you will be assigned an advisor. Once you attend, follow the steps below.
  • Current Students: Your Degree Audit (DegreeWorks) will tell you.
    • To find DegreeWorks: Login to OneCampus. Type degree in the search bar and select Degree Audit Responsive Dashboard. Click Launch. Your degree audit will display and your advisor's name should be listed in the first block at the top of the screen. 

What courses are needed for my major?

  • All of the courses you need for your major are listed in your Degree Audit.
  • Students pursuing the Bachelor of Business Administration degree take the following business core courses (regardless of major):
  • STAT 200 - Introduction to Statistics (prerequisite to MGNT 333 and FINC 331)
  • ECON 105 - Principles of Macroeconomics (prerequisite to ECON 340)
  • ECON 106 - Principles of Microeconomics (prerequisite to ECON 340)
  • ACTG 211 - Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (prerequisite to ACTG 212)
  • ACTG 212 - Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting (prerequisite to FINC 331)
  • BLAW 203 - Legal Environment of Business
  • ITEC 281 - Data Management and Analysis with Spreadsheets
  • ECON 340 - Global Economy and Business
  • MGNT 322 - Organizational Behavior
  • MGNT 333 - Business Analytics for Decision Making (prerequisite to MGNT 357)
  • MGNT 357 - Operations Management (prerequisite to MGNT 428)
  • FINC 331 - Introduction to Business Finance (prerequisite to MGNT 428)
  • MKTG 340 - Principles of Marketing (prerequisite to MGNT 428)
  • MGNT 428 - Global Business Strategy
  • Each major has specific major requirements and electives.  You will find these listed in the undergraduate catalog and your degree audit.

What if I want to double major in two business majors?

  • All of our BBA majors have the same business core requirements: (14 courses plus MATH 125)
  • You must add your second major by completing the form and bringing it to the Academic Success Center located on the 3rd and 4th floors of Young Hall, or to the Department Chair of your second major.
  • You must complete the major requirements for both your first and second majors.