Four-Year Academic Progress Sheets

Do you need guidance throughout your four-year degree program? The Davis College of Business and Economics' Academic Advising has provided four-year progress sheets to make your academic planning a little easier!

All you have to do is select the catalog year that you are using to meet graduation requirements and download the PDF form for your catalog year.

Determining Your Catalog Year

Catalog year refers to which catalog you are following to meet graduation requirements. Radford University policy states a currently enrolled full-time student may meet the graduation requirements listed in the Radford University Undergraduate Catalog in effect at the time of the student's initial enrollment at Radford, or the individual may select to meet the requirements in any subsequent catalog published between enrollment and graduation, as long as the catalog is no more than five years old. A student may not follow requirements for graduation listed in a catalog in effect prior to the student's enrollment at Radford.

Students who have been absent from the university for two continuous semesters must meet the degree requirements in force in the undergraduate catalog at the time of readmission.

Most students select, as their catalog year, the year they enrolled at Radford University. Whichever catalog year is used, the student must follow all degree requirements listed in that catalog.

Note: For students in the B.B.A. degree program, MGNT 333 is a prerequisite to MGNT 357 and MGNT 357 is a prerequisite to MGNT 428 - You must allow at least three semesters to complete all three of these required courses).