Advising Resources for Students

The primary purpose of academic advising at Radford University is to assist you, the student, in planning your academic years at Radford. Successful academic advising occurs when you and your advisor work together as partners in a relationship that focuses on collaboration and shared responsibility. Seeking academic advising prior to registering for classes is critically important. Academic advising is a broadly inclusive service that offers students opportunities to learn much more than what courses they should take to complete a major. Academic advising includes advice about a wide range of matters related to students' choices of majors and courses, including appropriateness between those choices and students' career goals, further educational goals, backgrounds, and abilities. 

Role of the Student

The ultimate responsibility for making decisions about your life goals and educational plans rests with you. Professional advisors and/or your faculty advisor will assist you in these decisions, but it is your responsibility to:

  1. Make and keep regular advising appointments with your advisor. Bring the completed advising center appointment checksheet to all sessions. 
  2. Plan your class schedule for the next semester based on your program of study as outlined in the academic progress sheets and other information you may receive from your major department.
  3. Monitor your progress toward completion of your degree program. Maintain a record of your academic progress on the academic progress sheets for your major. Academic progress sheets are convenient references, but the university catalog, and the student handbook are the sources for degree requirements and other academic policies and procedures. 
  4. Inform the Registrar’s Office of changes in directory information (e.g., address, phone number).
If you have additional questions about your role and responsibilities as a student, please read the Student Responsibilities Sheet (PDF).

Role of the Professional Academic Advisors

The Davis College of Business & Economics professional advisors are located in the Academic Success Center in Young Hall. An academic advisor will be available at any time during the posted hours. The advising center staff will assist you by:

  1. Clarifying university and college procedures and policies such as questions about registration, transfer credit, and graduation requirements.
  2. Exploring educational options and clarifying life and career goals. (Faculty advisors are the professionals within their particular field of study, and Center for Career and Talent Development can provide information and guidance in exploring career alternatives.)
  3. Discussing and evaluating overall academic progress (strengths and weaknesses).
  4. Assisting you in calculating GPA requirements.
  5. Suggesting academic success strategies.
  6. Locating appropriate referral sources for academic and student support.