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The major in marketing includes the study of the principles and methods which are used by organizations to plan, price, promote and distribute products or services in such a way as to fulfill the needs of the customer and meet the goals of the organization. Areas of study include consumer behavior, marketing strategy, marketing research, interactive marketing, advertising and promotion, logistics and supply chain management, retailing and sales.

Enrollment Restrictions

Enrollment in upper-division courses in the Department of Marketing (those prefixed by MKTG) is restricted to students who have completed the pre-business program and have been admitted to a business major.

Pre-Business Program

All students, regardless of their major, who intend to earn a B.B.A. degree are required to take each of the following courses:

* These courses may also be used to satisfy Core Curriculum requirements for the B.B.A degree in all business majors except the ECON major and the college recommends they be used in this way. Students can use only one course with their major prefix to fulfill core requirements; therefore, ECON majors cannot use both ECON 105 and ECON 106 to satisfy CORE requirements.