Welcome to the Academic Hub of the Department of Marketing in the Davis College of Business and Economics at Radford University. Our comprehensive academic programs, led by our outstanding faculty, provide students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to excel in the dynamic world of marketing. Whether you're exploring consumer behavior, crafting compelling brand messages, developing a persuasive sales pitch or delving into the realm of digital marketing, our curriculum is designed to prepare you for success in today's competitive business environment and beyond. Explore our academic offerings and embark on a transformative journey toward becoming a marketing leader of tomorrow.

Marketing Pathways

BBA in Marketing: provides students with a versatile foundation in marketing principles and strategies. Graduates are equipped for diverse roles in marketing, advertising, and sales, prepared to navigate today's competitive business landscape with confidence.

BBA in Marketing - Concentration in Digital Marketing: offers students specialized training in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Through cutting-edge coursework and hands-on experiences, students gain expertise in digital marketing strategies, analytics, and platforms, preparing them for successful careers in the digital age.

BBA in Markeing - Concentration in Professional Sales: offers students specialized training in sales techniques and strategies. Graduates emerge with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in sales roles across various industries, mastering the art of relationship-building and driving revenue growth.

Minor in Marketing: provides students from all disciplines with a foundational understanding of key marketing principles and practices, complementing their primary area of study. Through focused coursework, students gain valuable insights into consumer behavior, branding strategies, and market analysis, enhancing their skill set and preparing them to excel in a variety fields.

Undergraduate Marketing Courses

Undergraduate Courses (course descriptions can be accessed in the Undergraduate Catalog
  • MKTG 101 - Creativity and Innovation (required for all Marketing majors)
  • MKTG 201 - Critical Inquiry in Marketing
  • MKTG 220 - Marketing in Esports 
  • MKTG 271 - Introductory Topics in Marketing
  • MKTG 340 - Principles of Marketing (required for all Marketing and BBA majors)
  • MKTG 341 - Advertising Strategy
  • MKTG 342 - Digital Marketing Strategy 
  • MKTG 343 - Retailing
  • MKTG 344 - Sales Management
  • MKTG 345 - Strategic Brand Management
  • MKTG 350 - Consumer Behavior (required for all Marketing majors)
  • MKTG 360 - Professional Selling
  • MKTG 370 - Professionalism in the Workplace
  • MKTG 388 - Social Media and Content Marketing
  • MKTG 440 - Supply Chain Management
  • MKTG 442 - International Business
  • MKTG 445 - Marketing Strategy  (required for all Marketing majors)
  • MKTG 446 - Marketing Research  (required for all Marketing majors)
  • MKTG 450 - Marketing Analytics
  • MKTG 452 - International Marketing
  • MKTG 471 - Special Topics in Marketing
  • MKTG 472 - Directed Study in Marketing
  • MKTG 481 - Marketing Study Abroad
  • MKTG 488 - Final Honor's Project
  • MKTG 490 - Marketing Internship