AACSB Accreditation

The graduate and undergraduate programs in business administration offered by the Davis College of Business and Economics at Radford University are accredited by the AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The Davis College has been accredited by AACSB since 1992 and received extension of its accreditation in 2023. Less than 5% of business schools in the world are AACSB accredited (more than 950 business schools worldwide), so you can be assured the business degree you'll earn from Radford University is of high quality and highly respected by the business community.

The AACSB International is recognized by the Council on Postsecondary Accreditation and by the Office of Postsecondary Accreditation, U.S. Department of Education, as the sole accrediting agency for bachelor and master's degree programs in business administration and accounting. 

“AACSB International accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools, worldwide. Institutions that earn accreditation confirm their commitment to quality and continuous improvement through a rigorous and comprehensive peer review. AACSB International accreditation is the hallmark of excellence in management education.”
– AACSB International

What is AACSB Accreditation?

In 1916, AACSB International was established as a membership organization for business schools—a place where business schools could network and discuss issues that affected the business education industry and their institutions. In 1919, the first AACSB Accreditation Standards were adopted with the primary objective of improving collegiate business education. In 1980, an additional set of accreditation standards were developed for undergraduate and graduate-level degree programs in accounting to address the special needs of the profession. Throughout the years, both the AACSB Business and Accounting Accreditation Standards have been continually revised to reflect the ever-changing needs of business and its students.

Today, the AACSB Accreditation Standards are a set of rigorous criteria that business schools must meet to earn accreditation from AACSB International, the premier accrediting agency for business education worldwide. These standards cover various aspects of the institution, including faculty qualifications, curriculum relevance, student learning outcomes, and continuous improvement processes. For a business school, meeting AACSB Accreditation Standards signifies a commitment to excellence in business education and a dedication to providing a high-quality learning experience for students. It demonstrates that the school has robust faculty resources, relevant and innovative curriculum, effective teaching methods, and a culture of continuous improvement. AACSB-accredited schools attract top faculty, students, and employers, and provide graduates with a competitive edge in the job market. Overall, AACSB Accreditation Standards serve as a benchmark for excellence in business education and ensure that graduates are well-prepared to succeed in today's dynamic and competitive business environment.