B.B.A. in Management

The undergraduate program in the Department of Management prepares students for careers in organizations. The program provides students with a basic knowledge of business and administrative practices and helps them to develop an understanding of business and administrative functions and analytical problem-solving and decision-making skills.

The management degree is for students primarily interested in dealing with the total operations of organizations. Courses cover decision-making, production of goods and services, supply chain management, electronic business, human resources, entrepreneurship, global issues in management of corporations, and labor relations areas of business.

We offer the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree in Management, a concentration in entrepreneurship and minors in both management and entrepreneurship.

Enrollment Restrictions

Enrollment in upper-division courses in the Department of Management (those prefixed by MGNT) is restricted to students who have completed the pre-business program and have been admitted to a business major.

Core Curriculum Requirements (43-45 credits)

Includes 12 hours of pre-business required courses. See Core Curriculum courses.

Business Core Courses (27 credits)

All students pursuing a B.B.A. degree are required to take the following nine courses:

  • ITEC 281 - Data Management and Analysis with Spreadsheets
  • BLAW 203 - Legal Environment of Business

The following courses may be taken only after completion of all pre-business courses and admission to a business major:

Required Courses (9 credits)

  • MGNT 240 - Social Entrepreneurship
  •        or
  • MGNT 250 - Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • MGNT 323 - Human Resource Management
  • MGNT 421 - Leadership and Motivation

Choose four courses from the following: (12 credits)

  • MGNT 271 - Introductory Topics in Management 
  • MGNT 330 - Managing Technology and Information Resources
  • MGNT 350 - Owning and Managing a Business
  • MGNT 361 - Organizational Communications
  • MGNT 436 - Cultural Diversity and International Mangement
  • MGNT 440 - Project & Event Mangement
  • MGNT 450 - Managing New Venture Creation
  • MGNT 452 - Business Consulting
  • MGNT 457 - Technology and Innovation Management
  • MGNT 460 - Business and Society
  • MGNT 471 - Special Topics in Management
  • MGNT 481 - Management Study Abroad
  • MGNT 490 - Management Internship

Electives (23 credits)