Student Organizations & Activities

Student Organizations

The Radford University Department of Economics sponsors two student organizations: the Economics Student Association and Omicron Delta Epsilon. Phi Beta Lambda, the collegiate branch of Future Business Leaders of America, is also operated with the Economics Department and open to all business students. To learn more about these organizations or to join, visit RU Involved or contact the faculty advisor at

Economics Student Association (ESA)

The Economics Student Association, or ESA, unites economics majors as well as others interested in the field. We encourage student and faculty interaction, hold seminars, debates, and other activities, while establishing an environment that promotes the development of leadership and innovation. We want to give members a better understanding, awareness and appreciation of the global economy and international business environment.

Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE)

Omicron Delta Epsilon, or ODE, is a national Economics honor society that seeks to create reward and encourage the study of economics. Individuals who have taken at least 12 credit hours of Economics courses at Radford University and maintained at least a 3.0 average in those classes are eligible for membership.

Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)

Phi Beta Lambda, or PBL, is the collegiate branch of the Future Business Leaders of America. PBL is a business society which inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society. Members focus on career preparation, training opportunities, and leadership experiences. All business majors are welcome to join.

Undergraduate Research


Economics students have the opportunity to conduct independent research under the guidance of a faculty member. Recent examples include:

  • "Blown Away: Bombs, Networks and Economic Fortitude", Deric Tilson (2017) [Advised by Dr. Tom Duncan and Dr. Dan Farhat]
  • "Cost Benefit Analysis of Composting in Radford University", Tucker Morgan [Advised by Dr. Eftila Tanellari]
  • "Free Agency and Contract Bids for Baseball Players", Grant Anders (2018) [Advised by Dr. Dan Farhat]
  • "The Gender Pay Gap of Radford University Graduates", Courtney Ward (2018) [Advised by Dr. Dan Farhat]
  • "Using Disney as a Pedagogical Approach", Kylie Knudsen (2018) [Advised by Dr. Tom Duncan]
  • "The Emergence and Launch of the Space Economy", Ben Gearhart (2018) [Advised by Dr. Dan Farhat]
  • "Peaked Interest: The Economic Cycle's Impact on the Public's Interest in Hunger", Jessie Quesenberry [Advised by Dr. Danylle Kunkel (MGNT) and Dr. Dan Farhat]
  • "Death and Spending in the US Economy", Christopher Davis (2019) [Advised by Dr. Dan Farhat]
  • "Review of Domestic Terrorism in the United States", Jordan Clark (2019) [Advised by Dr. Tom Duncan]
  • "Pop-Developmentalism: The Political Economy of Sweatshop Labor and Consumer Activism", Rachel Sharrett (2019, POSC) [Advised by Dr. Tom Duncan]

Doing your own research project allows you to delve into a topic you feel passionate about, travel to conferences to present your research and publish your results in academic opportunities. In some cases, funding opportunities are available.

Interested in student research? Contact any faculty member in the Economics Department for more information.

Notice: The Radford Center for Economic Education is looking for Economics majors interested in writing short articles about Economics in Virginia. These articles will be used to construct teaching materials for K-12 students. If you are interested, contact Dr. Dan Farhat at    

Economics is Everywhere (EiE)

The Economics is Everywhere (EiE) program launched in the Spring 2015 semester. This newly labeled program is a continuation and expansion of a previous guest lecture series held in conjunction with the Department of Economics and the Economics Student Association (ESA). 

The EiE program is currently on hiatus. Check back soon for more information on upcoming events.