Center for Economic Education


The Center for Economic Education at Radford University [CEER] prepares educational materials, conducts research, assembles economic education libraries, and engages in a variety of community programs. Our efforts focus on the economics of Virginia with particular emphasis on regional economies, business development, entrepreneurship and innovation, the value of small-town economies and local economic issues impacting our communities. 


Our mission is to help teachers include economics in existing elementary and secondary school curricula and to provide economic education to all southwest Virginians through: Teaching, Consultation, Research, and Materials Development.

  • Teaching: The center will offer recertification classes and workshops with emphasis on pre- and in-service teacher training.
  • Consultation: Local schools, educational agencies and communities are encouraged to request assistance with their economics curricula, teaching strategies, and learning aids.
  • Research: The center staff will carry out research on economic education.
  • Materials Development: The center has a library with materials for both borrowing and distribution, including curriculum guides, literature and films for such diverse sources as Federal Reserve, the AFL-CIO, the American Bankers Association, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Services and Resources

Interested in working with us to develop customized materials? We have a pool of dedicated faculty, each with unique knoweldge and research interests. Contact us at the information below to discuss your needs and wants.

The following organizations currently provide a broad set of teaching materials, training programs and other services:

Council for Economic Education

The Council for Economic Education (CEE) (formerly the Joint Council on Economic Education) was founded in 1949, offers training and educational materials. The CEE has over 270 university centers and a network of state councils that are dedicated to improving economic education through a partnership of leaders in education, business, and labor. The CEE offers training and materials to teachers of kindergarten through twelfth to help better educate students of economic principles.

Virginia Council on Economic Education

The Virginia Council on Economic Education (VCEE), is located at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia under the direction of Daniel R. Mortensen, President and CEO. The VCEE director coordinates activities of Virginia's Centers for Economic Education by providing services and programs in public and private school systems across the Commonwealth. The VCEE was established in 1969 as a joint initiative between economic and business leaders. When the VCEE was established there were four centers created to provide graduate level courses for teacher certification in social studies and for elementary teachers. Since its creation, the VCEE has grown into 13 centers providing economic education to people throughout the State of Virginia.