Strategic Plan

COBE Strategic Plan

Radford University is on the move toward a bold new future driven by RU's 7-17 strategic planning.  The RU 7-17 plan outlines four strategic directives that include goals to invest in our people, programs, society and future.  

The purpose of this document is to define a new strategic plan for COBE (2009-17) (PDF).  This revision occurs within the framework of the RU 7-17 plan and provides a framework for a five-year rolling plan.  The current document reflects input from faculty, staff, students, over two hundred alumni, members of the Radford University administration and members of the Advisory Council as part of a strategic focusing process.  Progress toward goals will be reported annually along with new action initiatives.

The plan begins with a brief review of current strengths, challenges, threats, and opportunities, continues with the vision, mission and values, and concludes with action initiatives for the four goals.