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  • Nonprofit Resource Center of Western Virginia
    A clearinghouse of information and support for nonprofit organizations
  • Connect to Richmond
    Connect to Richmond is a local site that provides articles and links to other helpful sites.   There are articles on the following topics: legal information, partnerships and collaborations, and social entrepreneurship. The website provides links to topics on: advocacy, civil action and government contacts, evaluations, fundraising and development, technology, social entrepreneurship, and volunteers.   The site also contains links to websites that contain information on nonprofits jobs both locally and nationally.
  • Nonprofit Resource Database
    Nonprofit Resource Center is a database of websites and services. It is an excellent resource that provides websites listed under categories and is uncomplicated to use. The categories listed are: legal services, nonprofit law, taxation, politics and policy, accountability, publications, sector organizations, regional organizations, management organizations, consultants, and for/about directors.
  • Guidestar
    The Guidestar website provides many services such as articles, grant center, online giving and collaboration program, classifies, links, and a conference database. There are articles on IRS 990, fundraising, legal issues, marketing, and web development. The classified section contains volunteer and job opportunities, in-kind gifts, donations, and internships. The grants center provides information on conferences, articles, resources, FAQ, partners, and links to other sites. Guidestar also provides a search engine for nonprofit organizations by name, keyword, state, type, income range and zip code.
  • Charity Channel
    Charity Channel is a website that contains a resource guide. This service provides a career online search, a classified ad system, and consulting for nonprofits by professionals. The site also includes forums to discuss issues concerning nonprofits. The site provides numerous e-newsletters dealing with concerns and issues affecting nonprofit organizations.
  • Action without Borders
    Actions without Borders has numerous resources available. The first is a nonprofit career center that has postings for internships and job opportunities.   It also provides a list of professional associations to join and a resume-writing tutorial. There is a calendar of career fairs sponsored by Action without Borders. This site also provides databases for events, resources, campaigns, services, programs, and organizations concerning nonprofits. The last resource is the links, which include the following categories: news and information sites for nonprofits, supporting organizations by country, technology for nonprofits, recruiting and managing volunteers, and starting, running, and funding a nonprofit.
  • Independent Sector
    The Independent Sector website contains nonprofit information in the following areas: government funding, public policy, tax issues, oversight and accountability, and nonprofit lobbying and advocacy. This website provides four different toolkits for nonprofits in the areas of trust, giving, messages and the media, and volunteering. There is a list of conferences and publications for nonprofit organizations. The final service this website provides is articles on the concerns of nonprofits in the following areas: corporate and nonprofit partnerships, tax policy, giving and volunteering, civil society education, charity lobbing, faith based organizations in nonprofits, emerging leadership, accountability and e-philanthropy.
  • BBB Wise Giving Alliance
    The BBB Wise Giving Alliance supplies information about charities through a number of resources. The first is the charity report index, which contains all the charity organizations on file with them. There is a section that allows users to make an inquire about any charity or file a complaint on an organization. This site contains a page with tips and information, which helps donors make decision about charities and giving. The links this site provides contains information sources, publication sites, charitable organization websites, and government regulatory agencies websites.
  • Nonprofit Sector Research Fund
    Nonprofit Sector Research Fund is a website that contains the latest updates and research on nonprofit issues. It contains a database of research on nonprofit issues. There are numerous categories that the research is classified under, such as, accountability, advocacy, arts and culture, civil engagements and volunteerism, collaboration, dimensions of the nonprofit sectors, education and research, fundraising and financing, health, housing and community development, human service and food assistance, international, intersectoral relations, management, religion/faith based organizations, philanthropy, and nonprofits, business, and the market. There are links to other sites under the categories of nonprofit information, policy and research centers, and grant making and philanthropy.
    IKNOW is a database of links to other nonprofit sites. The links are categories under the following: education, financial management, fundraising, human resource, legal issues, service providers, tax issues, technology, vision and strategy, and volunteering. This site also contains information portals, which are links to other nonprofit search engines. The final thing this site offers is articles and information on the topic of weathering uncertainty.
  • The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia
    The Community Foundation serving Richmond and Central Virginia is a local website. It contains articles about general news, publications, and recent grants.  It provides a section about being a donor, which includes information on reasons to give, establishing a fund, ways to give, types of funds, tips on giving wisely, investment programs. There are donor resources that cover a range of topics including tax tips and issues, national insights, volunteering, and giving strategies. There are also resources for the advisors that encompass such issues as donor options, private foundations, starting a fund, free services, and advantages to being a donor.  


Additional Nonprofit Links of Interest

  • At the Foundation Center provides information about every foundation in the country. Much of this information is free, but some of it is for paying subscribers only. 
  • At Michael Gilbert maintains a great site with daily news updates bridging the online and nonprofit worlds. You can read the news there, or you can subscribe for weekly email updates.
  • At the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership is building a resource center with lots of great information for starting, running and funding an organization.
  • At Putnam Barber maintains the Nonprofit FAQ ­ an older resource center that is special because it is based on actual questions and answers posted by nonprofit managers over the years.
  • At people can find volunteer opportunities, and they can also make donations to hundreds of thousands of nonprofits. Most importantly, you can use this site to add a free Donate button to your Web site.
  • At you will find a huge site covering every aspect of volunteer management, from screening, matching, record-keeping and evaluation, to legal issues, risk management and virtual volunteering.
  • At Techsoup has built the leading resource center for all issues related to nonprofit technology. In addition, they offer steep discounts on software for nonprofits, sometimes up to 90% off the list price.
  • At people can find volunteer opportunities all over the country by ZIP code or area of interest.
  • Lastly, in addition to these 10 online resources, we recommend that people check out for the nonprofit state association closest to them.