Current Student

How can I get information regarding my student?

In order for the Advising Center staff to release any information regarding a student, the student must have completed a FERPA release. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits Radford University staff from releasing information beyond "directory information". 

To see if your student has completed this form, contact the Office of the Registrar. 

If your student has completed the form giving written permission, parties listed on the release may discuss student records with the Advising Center. 

Who is my students' advisor?

To find out who your students advisor is, first you must make sure that there is a FERPA release on file (see above question). 

You can call the Advising Center (540)831-5074 or ask your student to confirm their advisors name by looking at their Degree Audit.

How can my student meet with their advisor?

Depending on who the advisor is (See above) they will either schedule an appointment in Starfish or email their advisor. Students are always encouraged to go to the Advising Center, located in Kyle Hall 244, to ask questions

My student hasn't registered for classes?

All students are required to meet with their academic advisor to receive a PIN in order to register. Your student is responsible for meeting with their advisor and completing any necessary requirements prior to that meeting. 

Students are also responsible for checking their accounts for holds to ensure they are eligible to register.

What are the graduation requirements for a Business Degree?

Students need a minimum of 120 credits hours in order to receive a degree. All University CORE requirements and major requirements must be fulfilled, in addition to the credit hour requirement.

When and where is commencement held?

Which commencement ceremony is your student participating in?

Winter Commencement

Spring Commencement

What is the difference between dropping a class and a withdraw?

Dropping a course happens during the first week of class (called “Drop/add week”) and does not count as a withdraw.

A student may withdraw from a course that they feel they are not doing well in and will receive a grade of "W".  This grade will show up on the transcript as "W".  The student will need to obtain a withdrawal form from any advising center or the registrar's office and fill out the information and get their academic advisor to sign the form and return it to the registrar's office prior to the withdrawal deadline to receive a "W".  The student is allotted five withdrawals for their whole academic career at Radford University.

Can my student transfer in courses?

Yes. Students are encouraged to speak with their advisor for the Advising Center to discuss the best option for a transfer course. 300-400 level business courses, are not usually allowed for transfer.

In order to determine what courses could potentially transfer back to Radford from a Virginia Community College, students can use the VCCS Transfer Guide. Students must have a C or higher in any course they wish to transfer back to Radford.

What is a University Withdraw?

A student can withdraw from all of their courses for any given semester, resulting in a university withdraw.

Students who withdraw from the university (all classes) before the census date will receive no grades. Students who withdraw from the university after the census date but prior to the end of the 12th week of the semester (80 percent of summer sessions) will receive “W’s” in all classes. Students who withdraw from the university after the 12th week will receive “F’s” in all classes.

Any student who withdraws from the university during a fall or spring semester must apply for readmission. Please refer

to Readmission for more information about readmission.

An emergency came up regarding my student, and they need to miss class. What now? (Death in the immediate family, hospitalization of student, or other extreme personal emergencies)

You can always call the Advising Center, however in certain situations the Dean of Students Office is better equipped to advocate for the student. 

What is full time student status?

  • Full time student: Any undergraduate student who is carrying 12 or more semester hours of credit
  • Part time student: A student with 11 credits or less for a semester

My student is struggling in a course, what are their options?

There are several options that students can utilize if they are not doing well in a course.

How does my student declare a major or minor?

If students wish to declare a business major or minor, they can come into the COBE Advising Center in Kyle Hall 244 to complete a "declaration of major/minor form". If students are considering a major outside of the College of Business and Economics, they can either speak with the department chair of the major they wish to declare or speak with the advising center.