Meet the Ambassadors

Executive Board



Brianna is a senior majoring in Accounting and Finance. She plans to get her MBA from VCU and become a financial analyst. Brianna is currently a member of Delta Sigma Pi and Beta Alpha Psi. 




GUSTABO FLORES | Assistant Executive Officer


Gustabo is a senior and will be graduating in the spring 2018 with a major in Accounting and a minor in Economics. Gustabo likes to watch professional soccer on the weekends.




IVY ARBAUGH| Financial Officer






ALEXIS LOPEZ | Marketing Committee Chair


Alexis is a senior who studies Management in the College of Business and Economics. She is planning to graduate Spring 2018. In her spare time she likes to do arts and crafts and spend time with close friends. After college she plans on finding a job working for a sector in the U.S. Government.



JONAS BOYER | Social Co-Chair








CALLIE MORGAN | Social Co-Chair







DENNIS GRAVES | Training and Development Chair

Dennis is a third year Accounting and Finance double major who is from Baltimore, Maryland. Dennis selected Radford University as his first choice school going into freshman year because of how impressed he was with the business school and now in his junior year he is not disappointed. Dennis wants to work as a business accountant after grad school and is already getting looked at. He’s a motivated, positive, and encouraged student who is excited for the future.




CATELYN CRUMP | Tutoring Chair

Catelyn is a Finance and Psychology double major graduating in Spring 2018. She is a part of several organizations outside of COBE Ambassadors. She is interested in minimalism and zero-waste. After college, Catelyn wants to work in Human Resources. 




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JARID WEDDLE | Marketing


Jarid is a junior Marketing major with a minor in Psychology. He serves on the Marketing Committee for the COBE Ambassadors and is also involved in Appalachian Arts & Studies in the Schools (AASIS), where he mentors college bound, high school students in Southwest Virginia. He plans on pursuing a career in market research. 





Kasidy is a junior majoring in management. She is a member of the Radford women’s golf team and Delta Sigma Pi. In her spare time she loves to play with any type of dog she can find.







Kaitlyn is a junior year Management major at Radford University. She enjoys helping new students become involved and familiar with campus and COBE. She’s looking to going back to the Northern Virginia area after graduation. 













Katie is a senior majoring in accounting and finance. She is also the vice president of investments for Student Managed Investment Portfolio (SMIPO) and a member of Delta Sigma Pi.




SHARAI THOMAS | Training and Development


Sharai is a senior Management major with a minor in Economics. She is involved with COBE Ambassadors, COBE Student Advisory Board, and Conduct Board along with a few others. She plans to attend grad school and obtain her MBA.



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