Progress Sheets

Core Curriculum

The core curriculum was initiated in Fall 2009. "The purpose of the core curriculum is to give students a foundational learning experience where students improve their ability to think, both critically and analytically, and begin to take possession of the learning process. With few exceptions, core curriculum courses introduce students to a broad academic discipline or field of study and teach them how scholars discover and create knowledge in that area. As introductory courses, they do not assume any post-secondary study of the subject and may be the only course a student takes in a particular area. These courses provide students with the skills, knowledge, and perspectives that denote educated persons rather than preparing students for specific professions." 

General Education Requirements

Students may use individual courses to meet only on general education requirement. some of the courses listed have prerequisites. Some majors require specific courses that may also fulfill general education requirements (refer to your progress sheet). for additional information about general education, consult the Radford University Catalog.