Student Spotlights

Career Services and Community Engagement Student spotlights


Discovering the "Real" DC:  Stories, Leaders, and Urban Renewal in the Nation's Capital.  March 8th - March 13th.  Tim Filbert and several RU students enjoyed a five-day alternative break doing service projects with the alumni run non-profit organization, Thnk Local First DC, whose mission is to "work with independent businesses, consumers and policymakers to grow a sustainable, local economy in Washington, DC."


Rene Carling
Bachelor of Business Administration
Majors:  Marketing and Management

What made you decide to choose your major?

The biggest deciding factor for me was that a degree in Management could apply in anything I did.  Read more about Rene


Andrea Proctor
Bachelor of Business Administraton
Major:  Management
Minor:  Psychology

What made you decide to choose your major?

Originally I was a psychology major but switched to management because I want to work in the field of business.  Read more about Andrea.


Paige Reese
Bachelor of Business Administration
Major:  Management & Marketing

What made you decide to choose your major?

I started at Radford as an athletic training major, later I switched to environmental biology and I knew that definitely wasn’t for me.  Read more about Paige.



Olajuwon Jons
Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Science
Criminal Justice

What made you decide to choose your major?

Initially, I was a Criminal Justice major. When I started to search for jobs I realized all of them would land me inside of a jail which was the last place I wanted to be. Read more about Olajuwon.