Virtually every survey of employers demonstrates one truth:

Students with internship or practicum experience as part of their undergraduate career are more likely to receive job offers, and at a higher salary rate than those students who do not have any experiential education.

Internships help you gain real world experience in a field related to your academic major, and they also give you contacts to build your professional network.

Internships may take many forms: for credit or not for credit; paid or unpaid, part-time or full-time, short-term or long-term.

The Career Center can help you to locate potential internship opportunities, help you prepare your application (resume, cover letter, essays, etc.), and prepare for an interview.

Internships for Academic Credit

At Radford University, if you are enrolled in a for-credit internship within your academic department, you must work with your academic advisor or internship coordinator to complete the internship agreement and register for the internship.

NACE Position Statement on Internships:  A definition and criteria to assess opportunities and determine the implications for compensation.

NACE Position on Unpaid Internships:  The NACE position statement on unpaid internships is framed by these principles, beliefs, and assumptions.