Career PREP Success Plan:

Embarking upon a successful career path means starting your journey early!  If you work closely with your Career Advisor and take advantage of the resources of the Career Center and University, you will be well on your way to a successful career plan.


Start to prepare for your future by exploring and understanding what matters most to you.  Learn about yourself, your interests and values, potential majors and careers available in your fields of interests.

  • Complete Focus2 and meet with your career advisor to explore how your interests, skills and personality connect to occupations.
  • Attend Club Fair and join at least one campus organization and become an active member.
  • Attend the Majors Fair: Explore a variety of majors and talk with your academic and career advisors.
  • Dedicate yourself to doing well academically, go to class and participate, develop good study skills, and take advantage of campus resources that can help you.
  • Create a resume and meet with your career advisor for a resume critique.


Research career paths within your major; skills, experiences, coursework that can set you apart; and, individuals and resources who can assist you in implementing your career plan.

  • Research and commit to a major: in consultation with your career advisor, academic advisors, faculty, and mentors, determine a major and explore minors and other experiences that will enhance your career path.
  • Attend the Study Abroad Fair, Volunteer & Service Fair, and other events that will provide opportunities for you to expand your skills and experience.
  • Research, join and be a leader in at least one campus organization to develop team building, time management, organization, and communication skills.
  • Research the career paths of individuals in careers you admire through informational interviews, LinkedIn, and by attending networking events.


Engage in opportunities to learn, perfect your skills, and dig deeper into your choosen major and intended career path,

  • Engage in your coursework, assist faculty with research and projects, and seek elective courses that provide added value and opportunity.
  • Use the resources of the Career Center and the University to seek internships, study abroad, community engagement, research, and leadership experiences to hone and test your skills outside of the classroom.  (Use HireAHighlander).
  • Build your network and "real world" savvy by attending alumni and employer networking and career events, joining professional associations, and learning to network via LinkedIn andother social media.


Now is the time to put it all together-- Perfect your "self-marking" plan and pitch and dedicate yourself to securing the job, or graduate school admission that aligns with our career aspirations and goals.

  • Meet with your career advsior to perfect your self-marketing plan, polish your resume, e-portfolio (Portfolium)  social media presence, "30-second elevator pitch" and interviewing skills.
  • Dedicate yourself to the job search or graduate school search process.  Attend career fairs, networking and recruiting events, research organizations, make connections, interview and follow through until you achieve success.
  • Put yourself out there and be confident!  You have done the work, so BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!


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