JumpStart Career Development Conference


What is it?
The JumpStart Career Development Conference is a signature event that encourages students to discover their strengths and career interests, develop leadership skills and make meaningful industry connections to support their career journey.

Event Details:
Date:  March 2, 2019
Time:  9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location:  Davis College of Business & Economics, Kyle Hall, Radford University

Professional attire required.  Do you need professional attire?  Stop by the Career Closet and pick up free business attire!  The Career Closet is located at 331 Russell Hall in the Center for Career and Talent Development.


2019 Executive Sponsor

Keynote Speaker

Mr. Todd Robertson
Stateson Homes

Todd Robertson Bio

As the President and majority owner of Stateson Homes, Todd Robertson brings over 26 years of leadership experience in the real estate industry. Prior to launching Stateson Homes, Todd spent 19 years with a large national homebuilder where he started his career in 1992 as an assistant project manager. During the first five years of his career, Todd spent time in construction management, sales and marketing, and cost estimating. He advanced in various management roles before he was promoted to Division President in 2004. Todd’s division grew from two counties and 100 sales per year in 2005, to seven counties and over 300 sales per year in 2010. Todd’s focus on customer service allowed his division to consistently rank in the top 10% of the company in customer survey scores. In 2010 his division was awarded The President’s Award for Customer Service for having the best customer ratings for a division in a territory that spanned from Florida to Maryland.

Todd brings a wide array of skills and experience to Stateson Homes.  He believes that it is the responsibility of the Stateson Homes team to create a great customer experience and lasting value in their new home and community. Todd believes that recruiting the right people, creating the right culture, and giving them the tools to excel is his most important role.  Todd is a results-oriented business leader who understands the importance of the customer as well as the many other stakeholders who play a role in the homebuilding process. Todd has a proven track record of successfully starting and growing organizations. Todd earned a Finance Degree from Virginia Tech and an MBA from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.





Presenters are an integral part of the Jumpstart Career Development conference.  Take time to check out the list of presenters joining us on March 2, 2019!



Purpose: The workshops are designed to be highly interactive and engaging. This is a great opportunity to teach leadership and functional
skills in specific topic areas.
• Format: 50 minutes
• Engage students in discussion and exercises so that they gain clear
understanding of concepts.
• Students should be able to walk away with things they can
implement right away.

• Time Management (Life Skills)
• Make Meaningful Connections (Networking Skills)
• Discover My Purpose & Strengths (Leadership Skills)
• Create A Professional Brand & Online Presence (Career Skills)
• Pursue A Debt-Free Degree Workshop by Dough4Degress (Financial Planning)


Purpose: The panel discussions give students an opportunity to hear from
several industry experts on topics relevant to their career journey.
• Format: 50 minutes
• Each panel will have a moderator.
• Share your story and unique perspectives related to the panel topic.
• Students should leave the session with at least one key take-way that they can implement right away.


• Leadership Skills (Career Skills)
• Find a Job From a Recruiters Perspective (Career Skills)
• Kickstart My Job Search (Internships & Full time) (Career Skills)
• Start A Business (Entrepreneurship)
• Manage My Money (Financial Planning)


Session I:  10:00 a.m. - 10:50 a.m.

  • Discover My Purpose & Strengths Workshop (Leadership Skills):  How to sell and talk about yourself based on your skills when looking for a job or vying for a promotion.
  • Manage My Money Panel (Personal Finance):  Figuring out what the students want to do and then getting relevant certifications and intern experience. Very few people realize how important industry certifications are nowadays so getting a head start would be a huge leg up on competition.
  • Make Meaningful Connections Workshop (Networking Skills):  In a digital age, meaningful relationships are becoming more important than ever.  Unplug during this workshop and master the art of making meaningful connections that will fuel your career and a lifetime of success.
  • Find a Job From A Recruiters Perspective Panel (Career Skills): Learn how to articulate your collegiate experiences on your resume and how to make your resume pop.  Learn how you can land interviews with Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon and Google.
  • Create a Professional Brand and Online Presence Workshop:  (Career Skills)  

Session II:  11:00 a.m. -11:50 a.m.

  • Kickstart My Job Search Panel (Career Skills): Choices made during college, involvement with organizations, internships and events help prepare you for your future career. 
  • Time Management Workshop (Life Skills): 
  • Start A Business Panel (Entrepreneurship): What if there was a formula for starting a business?  How do you know if your idea is going to be successful?  How do you minimize risk, time and money while increasing your chance of success?  Learn more about start ups and have to build your experience.
  • Effective Leadership Skills Panel (Leadership Skills):
  • Pursue A Debt-Free Degree Workshop by Dough4Degrees (Financial Planning): 
    Students will learn  how to earn scholarships as a college student and pursue their journey toward a debt-free degree.


Contact Information:


Teresa López Dickens
Project Chair, JumpStart Career Development Conference
Center for Career and Talent  Development
e: tdickens2@radford.edu
p:  540.831.6087


Gwendolyn F. Houston, M.S.
Assistant Director | Employer Relations & Engagement
Center for Career and Talent Development
e : ghouston@radford.edu
p:  540.831.1018