Frequently Asked Questions

1. Radford University is committed to offering a very secure on-line account management system. Our business partner, infiNET Inc., has designed the QuikPAY system to use a combination of firewall systems, encryption and intrusion detection to protect their data. Customers are first authenticated by RU providing their username and password, then securely passed to Nelnet/QuikPAY using a 128-bit MD5 encryption scheme. All data exchanged between RU and Nelnet/QuikPAY is first compressed, then encrypted using PGP encryption, and transmitted using Secure File Transfer Protocol.

2. You can create a user name and password for authorized payer's online through the MyRU Portal. You must know the e-mail address of the person you wish to authorize. The authorized user in turn will receive an e-mail immediately with instructions on how to log in to the system using the user name and password.

The login name you set up for your authorized payer is upper-case/lower-case sensitive. Since the password is not contained within the e-mail they receive (for security reasons), you will need to tell them the password. The student may revoke the access of an authorized payer at any time. As a reminder, the Bursar's Office staff cannot discuss any details of a student's account information with an authorized payer or anyone else unless we have received a signed FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy ACT) form from the student granting us permission to do so.

3. Students can have up to five authorized payers active at any one time. For each authorized payer, a primary e-mail address is required and an alternate address may be specified. The payer is notified immediately by e-mail that they have been authorized and can then access the system to view the statement on the account and make payment.

4. The authorized payer may access the system online in order to make a payment on the student's behalf.

5. Authorized payers must be informed of their passwords by the student who sets them up. If the password is forgotten, the student must reset the password by doing the following:

  • After logging in to the system online, the student will select Authorize Payers.
  • Click edit beside the specific authorized payer.
  • Click Reset Password.

The authorized payer will receive an email almost immediately containing a temporary password.

6. Payment acknowledgements are e-mailed immediately following an online payment made by you or an authorized payer. If you did not receive a payment acknowledgement e-mail but know one of your parents, or other authorized payer has made a payment, please contact the Student Accounts Office at 540-831-5417.

7. The QuikPAY service provider (infiNET/Moneris) accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA for payment of tuition, fees and other charges on your student account.  A 2.7% service charge will be charged by the service provider to the payer for all credit card payments. Credit card information is verified at the time of the transaction.

8. Our service provider charges a 2.7% service charge for all credit card payments. The payer will receive separate payment receipts via e-mail for the tuition payment and service charge. The service fee is not paid to the university and is NOT REFUNDABLE.

9. Radford University has contracted with a service provider, Nelnet/QuikPAY, to process credit card payments for tuition, fees, and other charges on your student account. Credit card payments are processed by Nelnet/QuikPAY through Moneris Solutions.

10. A e-Check is an electronic check.  If you choose to use this form of payment you will need your bank routing number and account number.  There is no additional fee charged if you choose this payment method.

11. If you choose to use your debit card as a form of payment you will need to select the credit card method and you will be charged the 2.7% service charge that is charged for all credit card payments.  To avoid the fee, choose the e-Check method and input your routing and account number.