Participants who hold a Invest529 account must submit a Invest529 Distribution Request Form to the Virginia529 College Savings Plan (VA529) office each semester in order to have funds disbursed to Radford University. The form can be found online.

Participants in the Prepaid529 plan will have tuition and fees covered (up to the cost of full time, undergraduate, in-state tuition and fees). The school will bill the VA529 office directly for all students with a Prepaid529 account

The amount of tuition and fees the Prepaid529 plan covers will appear as “pending” on the tuition billing statement.  Prepaid529 will not cover the matriculation fee, bowling fee, music fee, or science lab fee.

If you have a Prepaid529 account and the amount isn’t listed as “pending” on your billing statement, contact the Office of the Bursar at 540-831-5417 and then the VA529 office at 1-888-567-0540.  The VA529 office will send our office a list of all Radford University students with a Prepaid529 account.