During the start of the term, refunds are processed daily. Outside of the start of term processing, student refunds will only be processed on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Financial Aid refunds are generated automatically once a financial aid overpayment shows on the account.  If the overpayment is created by sources that are not financial aid related, a refund will need to be requested by the student, or the credit will carry forward to the next semester.  

There are two methods to receive a refund:

  • Direct Deposit- the student will receive their refund within three to five business days after processing.
    • To enroll, a Direct Deposit form, located on the OneCampus portal, must be completed before the refund processing.
    • Students are responsible for resolution if incorrect bank or account information is entered.   
  • Check- the student should receive a check in the mail within two weeks after processing (this includes mailing time).
    • A check will be issued automatically if a direct deposit form is not completed.
    • Checks are automatically mailed to the mailing address of record.  If a mailing address is not available, the funds will be mailed to the permanent address of record.  Your address can be updated in the OneCampus portal.
    • Lost or stolen checks should be immediately reported.
    • Deposit or cash your check(s) as soon as possible.  Stale-dated checks may not be eligible for replacement.

It is university policy to hold the student liable for charges incurred; therefore, refunds are issued to the student.