The following statements are from the State Comptroller’s CAPP Manual Topic 20505, Accounts Receivable:

  • The overall policy of the Commonwealth is to take all appropriate and cost effective actions to aggressively collect accounts receivable. The objective of the Statewide receivables program is to improve the management over and accounting for accounts receivable owed to the Commonwealth’s agencies and institutions.
  •  Agencies and institutions shall develop internal policies and procedures for delaying or withholding certain state services to persons who refuse to pay their debts (Code of Virginia, Section 2.2-4808).
  • Institutions of higher education shall develop policies and procedures to ensure that no student having any outstanding past-due accounts with that institution is allowed to enroll for the next year.

In accordance with the State Comptroller’s regulations, the Bursar's Office has developed internal procedures for handling delinquent accounts. The following is provided in the Frequently Asked Questions on the Office of the Bursar's website, item #9:

9. I'm BLOCKED??????

A block is the prevention of registration and receipt of transcripts or diplomas by a university office. You will be blocked by the Bursar's Office for the following reasons:

·        Unpaid balance on tuition, fees, room, and board for returning students and graduating students

·        Perkins, Nursing and State Student Loan exit interview not completed

·        Past due Perkins, Nursing and State Student Loan

In order to clear the block on your account, you must pay the outstanding balance in full or complete the required paperwork before a Bursar's Office employee will be able to remove the block.