Authorized Payers


What is an authorized payer?

An authorized payer is someone other than the student (parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc.) that needs access to the online account to view the bills and make payments.  This access is separate from the FERPA.



To set up an Authorized Payer:

1. Sign in to OneCampus

2. Search and select "Set up Student Authorized Payers."

3. On the QuikPay site, choose "Authorized Payers" in the menu.

4. Click "Add New," then enter the payer's name and personal email, create a login name, then save.

Once created, the payer will receive an email requesting they create a password for the site. Students may set up additional payers by following these four steps for each one.

Authorized Payers:

Once you are established as an "Authorized Payer":

  1. An email from QuikPAY  will be sent to the email provided by the student with a password reset and login links.
  2. Create a password, then click continue.
  3. Log into the QuikPAY website with the log in created by the student and your new password.
  4. Once you are logged into the QuikPAY site, you may view the student account, make paymentsset up payment plans, and you will receive the ebill notifications.