2019-20 Comprehensive Fee Components

    Per Year Per Term Per Hour
Athletics      $   1,213.00 $     606.50 $     50.39
Auxiliary Building/ Facilities   $     265.00 $     132.50 $     11.01
Auxiliary Support   $     232.00 $     116.00 $       9.64
Debt Service   $     306.00 $     153.00 $     12.71
Recreation   $    309.00 $     154.50 $     12.84
Student Activities   $     148.00 $       74.00 $       6.15
Student Health   $     353.00 $     176.50 $     14.66
Student Union   $     305.00 $     152.50 $     12.67
Transportation   $     142.00 $       71.00 $       5.90
Student Services     $       97.00 $       48.50 $       4.03
Total   $   3,370.00 $   1,685.00 $     140.00

Following is a description of each component of the comprehensive fee:

Athletics:  The student fee supports the intercollegiate athletic program which includes athletic administration, intercollegiate varsity sports teams, travel, scholarships, operation and maintenance of facilities, auxiliary indirect cost, and equipment.  This fee entitles students to free admission into all sporting events.

Auxiliary Building/Facilities: The student fee supports auxiliary operation and maintenance of facilities, facilities staff, maintenance reserve projects, leased properties, insurance, auxiliary indirect cost, and equipment.

Auxiliary Support:  The student fee supports auxiliary support personnel, operations and direct student cost associated with the student RU Express/I.D. office, technology support, photocopying services, and student wages.

Debt Service: The student fee supports debt service payments for auxiliary construction and renovation projections such as the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

Recreation: The student fee supports the personnel, operations, maintenance, and equipment of all student recreation and intramural facilities and fields. 

Student Activities: The student fee supports student programs, clubs, organizations, activities, and events for groups such as R-Space, Student Government Association, Greek Life, Student Organization Assistance and Resources (SOAR), LEAD Scholars Program, etc.  Students can attend most events free of charge or at greatly reduced rates depending on the type of event.

Student Health: The student fee supports general medical services provided by the Radford University Student Health Center, normal counseling services provided by Radford University Student Counseling Center, the Disability Resource Office (DRO) and educational and support services provided by the RU SAVES (Substance Abuse and Violence Education Support) Office.

Student Union: The student fee supports administrative and student personnel, operations, maintenance, programmatic events, and equipment for the Bonnie Hurlburt Student Center and Heth Hall meeting rooms.

Transportation: The student fee supports unlimited access to the Radford Transit bus service for enrolled Radford University students.  Connections to other transit services (e.g. Megabus, Smart Way Bus, Blacksburg Transit, etc.) may have separate user fees.  

Student Services:  This fee supports student professional development through career, advising and other resource services. 

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