Dan Blake


Dan Blake is the physics instructor and network administrator at the Southwest Virginia Governor's School for science, mathematics, and technology and an adjunct professor of physics at Radford University. He received his B.S. (2005) in physical science from Radford University with concentrations in physics, as well as earth and space science. As an undergraduate student, he conducted arctic research with Rhett Herman.

He received his M.S. (2007) from the University Missouri – St. Louis focusing on astrophysics research. As a physics instructor at the Governor's school, Dan educates and mentors gifted students from around the region, preparing them for continuing their education and hopefully obtaining careers in science. His goal is to find ways for students to get involved with real life problem solving situations through research. This desire lead him to developing a relationship between the Governor's School and Radford University to help enrich the students' experiences. 

His research interests include physics education and integration of electronics into the classroom. He has worked with students over the past two Barrow, Alaska trips (2010 and 2012) to refine and develop the current thermal data collection system. Over the years of doing Arctic research, he has collaborated with students to build and implement various generations of hardware. The latest collaborative effort will be tested by students this year in the Arctic.