2014 Participants

Faculty Leaders


Dan Blake

Instructor of Physics
Radford University and Southwest Virginia Governor's School


Rhett Herman

Professor of Physics
Radford University


Mythianne Shelton

Instructor of Science Education
Radford University
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Radford University Students


Nicholas Aitcheson

Purcellville, VA


"When a unique opportunity like going to Barrow, Alaska, comes by it is something I could not pass up. I am excited to see the arctic terrain and collect data in its harsh conditions. This research trip will be a valuable experience."


Jessica (Jessi) Basham

Woodbridge, VA

, Physics

"When I was little I always wanted to go to Alaska, but mostly because I always thought it was some island like Hawaii. I'm glad someone corrected me before I got there! Now, I'm excited to get the chance to travel somewhere new and do research in an amazing field of study. I can't wait to step off that plane and have a fantastic experience doing what I love."


Cameron Baumgardner

Mechanicsville, VA

, Geology

"I'm excited to take part in this trip because it is a great opportunity to learn while also experiencing one of the most extreme environments on the planet."


Melissa Brett 

San Diego, California

, Physics and Geology

"My research interests are in polar sea ice, glacial mass balance and glacial lake and fjord sedimentology. The project in Barrow, Alaska, will help me gain experience on the ice as I work to reach my goal of graduate research in the polar regions."


Andrew Cohen

Newport News, VA

, Physics

"My interests are in geophysics and I'm looking forward to contributing research which will assist towards my goals of grad school."


Jesse Dodson

Salem, VA


"Alaska has been on my travel list since I was a little kid, and the opportunity to do actual physics research there makes this trip an unreal experience."


Jordan Eagle

Hampton, VA

, Physics

"First of all, who wouldn't want to go to Alaska? What's even better is getting to do research that will further my career in the science world. It's just the beginning!"


Taylor Hardwick

Virginia Beach, VA


"This adventure to Alaska is the learning experience of a lifetime. I am so excited to share my journey and discoveries with my students and help them make real-world connections using Skype in the classroom. This trip is exposing me to new subject areas and I am completely intrigued."


Victoria Holdaway

Blacksburg, VA

, Elementary Education

"I am not traveling but I am sharing with the students in Barrow what it is like here."


Erica Martin

Afton, VA

, Education

"I see this trip as an amazing learning opportunity for not only myself but for my students as well."


Sarah Montgomery

Ararat, VA

Physics and Geology

"I've been excitedly waiting for this trip since I volunteered at an archaeological and geophysical field camp as a high school junior. Since my arrival at Radford the physics and geology programs have helped me prepare for my Barrow trip."


Corey Roadcap

New Market, VA

, Computer Science and Physics

"Tinkering with electronics has always been a hobby of mine, now I get to test my skills against some of the most intense weather in the world! Bring it on, Alaska."

Governor's School Students


Ashley Jordan

Galax, VA

Junior, Southwest Virginia Governor's School
I have recently been introduced to the world of physics and I fell in love immediately. I'm so glad I get to go on the research trip to Barrow, Alaska and further develop my interest in hopes of making physics my career. I also hope I get to see the Aurora Borealis."


Austin Owen

Hiwassee, VA
Junior, Southwest Virginia Governor's School
"Since being accepted in to the Southwest Virginia Governor’s School, I have become increasingly interested in the field of physics and have thoroughly enjoyed research. I hope that the Barrow, Alaska, research trip will further my interests in physics and set me on a path to becoming a researcher; this trip is also a unique opportunity to witness the Aurora Borealis."

Multimedia Producer


Jaslyn Gilbert
Multimedia Producer, Web Strategy and Interactive Media
Christiansburg, VA

"I am honored to showcase the students and faculty of Radford University engaged in research in such a unique location."