Checking Your Transfer Credit Evaluation

Check your transfer credit, including credit for dual enrollment coursework, in your OneCampus account (intructions here). Please note: you will need to submit an official copy of your college transcript to be reviewed for dual enrollment course credit. Credit evaluations for incoming freshman are available for confirmed fall students mid-summer. Transfer students can expect their evaluation to be completed 1-2 weeks after being notified of admission. 

1. Log into your OneCampus account and search for Admitted Student Task Center. 

one campus task center
Admitted Student Task Center 2

2. Select the transfer credit icon. 

Transfer credit icon

3. If your credit evaluation has been completed, the courses and their equivalency will show here. If the page is blank, your evaluation is still pending. If you have questions about a transfer credit or the evaluation, contact our transfer admissions team

transfer credit eval