Spring 2020 VCCS and RBC Transfer Credit Information

It is highly recommended that before making the decision to switch to the VCCS P+ option, VCCS students consult with their advisors.

Radford University will accept the grade of P+ in transfer credit from VCCS. Radford University will not accept the grade of P- as transfer credit. VCCS students are advised to either keep the traditional A-F grading protocol or select the P+ option to ensure transfer of credit.

Opting for the proposed P+ option may prevent a student from improving their GPA to what may be needed to gain admission into the desired major, or continue in the same major or even graduate from a particular major. Students who have this concern should first contact their respective advisor for guidance.

Having a P+ grade may reflect negatively on students who are planning to apply to a graduate program since some graduate programs may not accept such a grade. Once again, students who have this concern should first contact their respective advisor for guidance.

Undergraduate students who are in the following majors leading to licensure, certification, or other credentialing must keep in mind that switching to the P+ option may prevent the course from being counted towards entry into the major, continuation within the major, or successful graduation. Therefore, students in these majors must consult with their respective advisor before choosing the P+ grade options for any class. Specifically, these majors are as follows.

Allied Health Science
Athletic Training
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Emergency Services
Nutrition and Dietetics
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Recreation Therapy
Respiratory Therapy
Social Work
Teacher Education Programs