Admissions Counselor


Charles Salyers

US: West Virginia
VA: Bland County, Buchanan County, Carroll County, Dickenson County, Grayson County, Lee County, Russell County, Scott County, Smyth County, Tazewell County, Washington County, Wise County, Wythe County

Contact Me

Greetings, my name is Charles Salyers and I was born and raised in Christiansburg, Virginia; my family and lifestyle are fully rooted in the beautiful and hospitable Appalachian region. I graduated from Radford University in 2014 with two degrees. I spent six years enjoying the life of a scholar within three different programs that holistically prepared me to appropriately apply myself in the real world as well as focusing on my passionate interests. I am thoroughly excited to be starting my first year in the Admissions office as a Counselor servicing high school students in Southwest Virginia as well as West Virginia. I look forward to traveling to multiple schools in my “close-to-home” district and bringing the positive enlightenment of opportunity to students who wish to succeed at their life’s goals and dreams.

Radford University means “opportunity” to me; as an undergraduate, graduate, alumni, faculty and staff, or a member of the local community, the opportunities for growth are endless. The experience for all that step on this campus is all inclusive: from classes, events, and the students and staff that make working and studying at Radford the best choice to the natural magnificence of the campus nestled in the most beautiful scenes of mountains, valleys, rivers, and so much more amongst the rich cultures waiting to be explored.

Some of my favorite memories of Radford involved my time as a student spent introducing my new friends and colleagues to the many best kept secrets (not many are secrets now) Southwest Virginia has to offer. When I wasn’t adventuring off campus I spent countless hours in the McConnell Library researching and digging deeper into my scholarly interests. When my brain reached overload I would take a break in the Alumni Gardens located outside of the Library; a vantage spot that offered peace and a place to recharge, in addition to the reminder that many have succeeded before you and now it is your time to shine.

Outside of work I really enjoy any activity that involves socializing and networking; I never walk into a room as a stranger or leave without a new friend, wherever I go. As much as I love to binge watch my favorite TV shows and movies or dance to my favorite tunes on the patio – my inner human wanderlust is one of my favorite desires to listen to. Everyone deserves to take an adventure and explore the diverse world waiting to be discovered in any direction. A beautiful scenic drive with the right playlist is a destination within itself for me. I spent the beginning of my post-college career in the hospitality and craft beverage industry; because of that I spend a lot of my free time learning about and traveling to support agritourism in Virginia, especially when it comes to Virginia wine. Continuing to be deeply rooted in my local community and my actions to support small businesses via my hobbies and interests are at the core of my life’s philosophy to be brave, “seize the day”, and love your life! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions that you may have during this exciting time. You can email me at or text me at (540) 449-0091.