About the Bridge Program


The New River Community College (NRCC) and Radford University (RU) Bridge Program, NRB2RU, is a rigorous and supportive residential program that provides an opportunity for participants to enhance their academic skills before fully enrolling at Radford University.

NRB2RU is a partnership between NRCC and RU. The program provides support for the transition from high school to college and encourages engaged learning in active communities of students, faculty and staff.

Eligibility for the Bridge Program

To be eligible, students must first submit an application for admission to Radford University. Freshman applicants who do not meet Radford University's standard admission criteria may be selected to participate in the program. An invitation to participate in the Bridge Program is based on an applicant’s high school GPA and test scores – SAT or ACT. Participating students will take courses at NRCC (Dublin campus) for their first year, while living, dining and engaging in a robust student life at Radford University. Transportation between the two campuses, which are about ten miles apart, is provided throughout each weekday.

NRB2RU is a year-long (fall and spring semesters) program that prepares students for academic success at Radford University. Participants will have the fall and spring semesters to earn 21-30 (depending on the developmental coursework that may be required) transfer credit hours with a minimum 2.0 GPA. (Developmental coursework will not transfer.) To better assist Bridge Program students, both NRCC and Radford University provide academic support including review of academic content, tutoring and skill enhancement workshops.

Students who meet the minimum requirements after completing the fall and spring semesters at NRCC will enroll at Radford University the following fall. (Students do not have to reapply to Radford University.) Students have a seamless transition into Radford University and transfer their NRCC credits to Radford University.

If you are offered an opportunity to participate in NRB2RU, you will receive an invitation to participate from NRCC and Radford University. There is not a separate application process for the NRB2RU program. Participants are selected from Radford University’s regular applicant pool, and students may not opt-in to the program.

If you receive an invitation to participate, simply click Steps to Enrollment to accept our offer.