Radford Commitment Program


We believe in putting our students first, both financially and academically, and it’s no secret that our tuition is one of the lowest for a four-year, state-supported school in Virginia.

We achieve this by reviewing all our incoming students for merit-based scholarships that they can use to lower their tuition costs, and we’re proud to say we invested more than $2.8 million in new financial aid for our students last year alone.

These efforts, alongside supportive and personalized academic attention, are what makes Radford University one of Princeton Review’s “Best Value Colleges” for students.

Our dedication to offering students low tuition costs is part of why we’re excited to share our Radford Commitment Program with you. This program ensures that the cost of tuition is not a barrier to our strongest students. 


Free Tuition for Qualifying Students

Through the Radford Commitment Program, incoming freshmen who meet the following criteria are eligible for free tuition:

  • Admissions application and FAFSA submission by February 15
  • Receipt of a Highlander Distinction Award. All admissions applications are reviewed for the Highlander Distinction Program; awards are typically granted to students with a 2.8 high school cumulative GPA (on a 4.0 scale).
  • Submission of a FAFSA resulting in a 0 Expected Family Contribution (or, EFC). 
  • Resident of Virginia (or eligible for in-state tuition).

The Radford Commitment Program promises to cover the full tuition cost for students who meet this criteria through a combination of federal, state and institutional grant and scholarship aid - in other words, enjoy debt-free tuition!

Students with a higher EFC can still expect to receive a value-driven and student-centered education at Radford University. All applicants are reviewed for merit-based scholarships regardless of FAFSA outcome.



How to Apply for Funding

Step One: Complete Your Admissions Application

Submit your admissions application to our medium-sized, traditional Radford University campus in Radford, Virginia or our immersive healthcare site, Radford University Carilion, in Roanoke, Virginia. You may choose to complete our online application or submit an application through the Common Application- either way,  you do not need to pay an application fee. 

In order to be considered for the Radford Commitment Program, you must apply for admission no later than February 15 and supporting materials (transcripts, etc.) must be received by February 15.

Step Two: Complete the FAFSA

Access and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at studentaid.gov and list Radford University as a recipient using the code 003732. 

In order to be considered for the Radford Commitment Program, you must file your FAFSA by February 15



Who is eligible for the Radford Commitment Program?
Only incoming freshmen are eligible for participation in this program. 

What if my EFC is higher than 0?
Students with a higher EFC will still be reviewed for merit-based aid through our Highlander Distinction Program as well as federal, state and institutional aid in the form of grants, loans, and work-study programs based on information submitted on the FAFSA.

Does the Radford Commitment Program cover my room and board?
The Radford Commitment Program only covers a student's tuition and fees. It does not apply to room and board charges incurred.

When do I have to confirm my enrollment to take advantage of the Radford Commitment Program?
Students must confirm their enrollment no later than May 1. Deposit waivers may be requested through your Admissions Counselor.

If I maintain my place in the Highlander Distinction Program, how long can I take advantage of the Radford Commitment Program?
Students who maintain the Highlander Distinction Program renewal criteria and do not experience significant financial change can expect to continue participation in the Highlander Commitment Program for up to four years total. 

Who can I contact for further information about the program?
We encourage you to contact your Admissions Counselor anytime with questions about the Radford Commitment Program or how to apply.