Review and Accept Financial Aid

Financial Aid is an integral part of the college application process. Radford University uses the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine your eligibility for financial aid programs. All students who are interested in receiving financial aid must complete and submit the FAFSA to Radford University. Radford University’s school code is 003732.

When awarding financial aid, we place priority on students that meet our March 1 priority filing deadline. FAFSAs will continue to be accepted and processed after this date; however, aid will be awarded only as available. If you would like to learn more about financial aid at Radford University, we encourage you to visit the Financial Aid website.

Once Radford University receives the information submitted on your FAFSA, we may follow up with requests for additional documentation. When your financial aid application is complete, we create an award package for you that’s visible through OneCampus. This award package details any grants, loans or work study programs for which you’re eligible. Below, we’ve outlined how to check your financial aid award and how to accept any (or all) parts of your award. It is extremely important that all students accept or decline their financial aid awards no later than May 1. Any awards not accepted by May 1 may be redistributed to other students with financial need.

Step 1

Navigate to OneCampus, search Admitted Student Task Center.

one campus task center

Step 2

Select the Admitted Student Task Center then select Award for Aid Year.


Step 3

Select the appropriate aid Award Year, then click submit. Aid award years are listed by academic year. If you plan to start Spring 2023, you should select Award Year 2022-2023; however, if you plan to enroll Fall 2023, you should select Award Year 2023-2024.


Step 4

The General Information tab is the starting point for understanding your aid offer and accepting awards.  It is important that you read all requirements on this page.


Step 5

The Award Overview tab provides information specific to your award offer, including the cost of attendence estimate used to create your financial aid award.  It is important that you read all of the information presented to understand the information and awards in your award offer.


Step 6

Click on the Resources/Additional Information tab to answer the required questions and list any outside scholarships that you are aware of.  Click “submit” when you’re finished.


Step 7

Click on the Accept Award Offer tab to review and accept your unique award package. The instructions on the page will guide you through the award decision process. Be sure you accept or decline each award.