Year-End Schedule

In order to meet year-end reporting requirements, the following instructions and deadlines are provided to assist with managing resources effectively through the end of the current fiscal year (June 30, 2022).

May 13, 2022-Invoices received in May for Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) and air fare charges purchased through the Air Travel Card will be paid in the current fiscal year. After the May billing, invoices received for these services, will be paid with next fiscal year’s budget (FY 23).

June 6, 2022-To ensure payment for purchases will be charged against the current fiscal year (FY 22) budget, receipt of goods and/or services by the department, receipt of the vendor’s invoice by Accounts Payable, and an eVA receiving report completed by the department must occur no later than June 6, 2022. This date applies to all vendor payments and Chrome River expense reports using E&G, auxiliary enterprises, and grants/contracts funds.

Please make certain that invoices, Chrome River expense reports, and other charges submitted have sufficient adjusted budget balances available. Invoices received from vendors must be paid within 30 days after the receipt of the goods/services or invoice whichever is later. All vendors must be properly established in Banner and Cardinal, the state system, before an invoice can be paid. Expenses are not affected by payment due dates. Invoices with July due dates submitted for payment by June 6, 2022 may be paid with available current fiscal year’s (FY 22) budget. 

Cooperation in adhering to these deadlines is appreciated. No exceptions will be made. We thank you in advance for your assistance in observing the schedule and in closing the current fiscal year.  

Last Updated: 1/21/2022