Staff Directory

Accounting Support Services

Card Programs, Check Write and Vendor Management

Name Responsibilities Phone Email
Kim McKinney, Supervisor   (540) 831-7613
Pam Duncan, Accounting Support Tech Check Write (540) 831-7612
Arthur Lewis,  Accounting Support Tech Vendor Management (540) 831-7609
Kayla Groseclose, Accounting Support Office Assistant Office Support (540) 831-5423

Accounts Payable

Payment Processing and Travel

Name Responsibilities Phone Email
Brad Foster, Supervisor
  (540) 831-7614
Shelana Gwinn, Travel Specialist Travel (540) 831-7616              
Debbie Sumner, Accounts Payable Tech Office Supplies, Vendor Payments (540) 831-7615
Betty Smith,  Accounts Payable Tech Food and Beverage, Vendor Payments
(540) 831-7617
Beth Blankenship,  Accounts Payable Tech Facilities, Vendor Payments
(540) 831-7618

Last Updated: 1/22/2020