Bank of America Travel Charge Cards

Travel charge cards provide traveling employees with a means of charging expenses incurred while conducting official State business only thereby reducing the need to issue cash travel advances. There are two types of Travel cards:

Individual Liability Travel cards

Individual Liability Travel cards where all charges made using this state-sponsored charge card are the employee’s responsibility and payable in full each month regardless if you have been reimbursed for the expenditures. Typically, employees who travel overnight at least twice per year are issued cards. Noncompliance with travel charge card policies by cardholders is grounds for revocation of card privileges without alternate Travel Cash Advance privileges.

Agency Liability Travel Card

Agency Liability Travel Card is only to be used for airline purchases through Christian Travel. This bill comes to the agency and is paid monthly by the agency. Bank of America is the State’s travel charge card provider.

Questions or requests for assistance should be addressed to the RU Travel Charge Card Program Administrators.

Radford University’s Travel Charge Card Program Administrator is:
Phil Crigger (primary)