Card Programs

All questons and requests related to University card programs may be submitted to:

Radford University's Card Program Administrator:
Kim McKinney, Accounting Support Supervisor
(540) 831-7613

Chrome River SPCC User Guide

The Chrome River SPCC User Guide can now be accessed through the Learning Management System (D2L) under OneCampus. The guide is located under ‘Card Programs’ on the Controller’s Office training and resource page (Once logged into D2L, click Discover, search “Controller’s Office”). Please call 831-7613 if you need assistance locating the document.

Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC)

The Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) program offers departments an alternate payment method when making small purchases. This method gives departments the opportunity to purchase goods and services costing $10,000 or less. Use of the charge card allows the University to consolidate multiple vendor payments into one monthly payment to Bank of America VISA; the Commonwealth of Virginia’s designated purchase charge card contractor. Bank of America VISA, in turn, makes payments directly to the vendors. Reports are available to help cardholders and departments maintain control over purchases and payments.

The Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) Program is governed by the Commonwealth Accounting Policies and Procedures (CAPP) Manual Topic No. 20355 – Purchasing Charge Card. As allowed by CAPP Topic 20355, Radford University’s procedures are more stringent in some areas in order to comply with the university’s internal policy and procedures.

To request a Small Purchase Charge Card, send the following forms to Kim McKinney, Box 6906.

Bank of America Purchasing Card Employee Agreement

Small Purchase Charge Card Request Form

Prior to receiving the card, training through the COVLC is required as well as additional University training.  

Additional applicable policies and procedures on expenditures can be found in the Commonwealth Accounting Policies and Procedures (CAPP) Manual Topic 20310-Expenditures.

Additional resources are available on Accounting Services Forms and Documents page.

Bank of America Travel Charge Cards

Travel charge cards provide traveling employees with a means of charging expenses incurred while conducting official State business only thereby reducing the need to issue travel cash advances. Travel Charge cards are governed by the Commonwealth Accounting Policies and Procedures (CAPP) Manual Topic 20360.  There are two types of Travel cards:


All charges made using the state-sponsored Individual Liability Travel cards are the employee’s responsibility and are payable in full each month (regardless if you have been reimbursed for the expenditures). Noncompliance with travel charge card policies by cardholders is grounds for revocation of card privileges without alternate Travel Cash Advance privileges.

To request an Indivdual Liability card, send the Bank of America Employee (IL) Request to Kim McKinney, Box 6906.


Agency Airline Travel Card is only used for airline purchases through the university’s travel agent. The bill is paid directly by the university. Bank of America is the State’s travel charge card provider.


Mansfield Oil Voyager Fuel Card

The Fuel Card Program provides access to retail fueling stations throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Based on the Voyager network, the fuel card is accepted at 90 percent of the retail fuel stations nationwide. Contract prices under this program allow cardholders to purchase Federal excise tax-exempt motor fuels. All brands of fuel products are available. Purchases on the credit card should only be for regular unleaded gasoline and oil (if needed). No other purchases are allowed.  

The Voyager Fuel card may not be used to fuel personal vehicles.  The Fuel Card Account Custodian must be consulted in advance if traveling outside of VA, NC, SC, GA, TN, KY, WV, IN, MD, DC and NJ to remove card restrictions.

Transactions must be recorded on the Fuel Card Log and Payment Request Form and submitted to Accounting Services according to procedures.  The Quick Reference Guide provides information about the program in a one page printable format.

Additional resources are available on Accounting Services Forms and Documents page.

For Voyager assistance at the pump call: 800-987-6591



Last Updated: 5/31/2023