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Payment Processing Requirements

Timely payment of our invoices is vital to Radford University maintaining good relations with our vendors and being compliant with prompt pay requirements.

The following items are needed before payment processing can occur: 

Purchase Order-An approved eVA purchase order that has migrated to Banner must exist prior to payment processing. The name and Tax ID/SSN number on the purchase order should match the name that appears on the invoice as the remit to vendor. Refer to the Payment Method Guidelines for transactions that do not  require an eVA Purchase Order.

Vendor Invoice- All eVA purchase orders state that invoices are to be sent to Accounts Payable at Box 6906. Invoices received by the department are to be forwarded to Accounts Payable immediately. To avoid delays in processing, please ensure the purchase order number is noted on the invoice. Also, please be aware that invoices attached to purchase orders in eVA must also be sent to Accounts Payable by campus mail or through  Accounts Payable email at: The eVA system does not alert Accounts Payable of attached invoices.

Receiving Report-Receiving information must be entered into eVA within 3 days of receipt of the goods or service. The actual date the goods or service was received is required to properly calculate the payment due date.

Processing Tips 

Registrations must be paid fewer than 90 days before the event. If travel is associated with this registration, a Chrome River Preapproval number must be provided with the registration form for payment.

Payments for services require begin and end services dates prior to processing. Examples of service payments include subscriptions, membership dues, maintenance agreements, and rental agreements.

Payments to individuals require a valid address, regardless of the method of payment. Please ensure the address exists in the Banner system. Additional Vendor Management information is available. Employee payments must be processed through Payroll.

Contracts must be reviewed and approved by the Department of Procurement and Contracts prior to execution. Only authorized personnel can legally enter into a contract on behalf of the University.

Food and Beverage purchases must comply with the Food & Beverage Policy. Prior to payment, a list of attendees along with the name of the event and business justification are required. All purchases must follow the travel M & IE rates and amounts over the standard rate require designee approval. Radford University has an exclusive beverage contract with Coca-Cola Bottling Company  which requires the purchase of only Coca-Cola products. A list of products is included in Appendix B of the Food & Beverage Procedures (carbonated drinks, water, juice, etc.).

Payments for Lodging must reference a valid purchase order and the invoice must be itemized. Other items such as food purchases and entertainment are not allowed.

Receiving must be completed within 3 business days of the receipt of the goods or services. Timely payment of our invoices is vital to Radford University maintaining good relations with our vendors.

Questions regarding payment processing should be directed to the Accounts Payable area.

Last Updated 12/5/2019