Shark Tank

Faculty who complete the faculty innovator cafe are eligible to compete in a Shark Tank style competition during an Our Turn session that takes place each August. Selected projects recieve a small seed grant to help with expenses to get each project started.


Shark Tank Winners - August 2016

  • Kevin Ayers – Give Me 10! Recess Break
  • Melissa Lisanti – Learning by Looking Back: Using Reflection to Understand and Take Ownership of Intellectual Growth
  • Jean Mistele – Designing and Researching Mathematics Curriculum
  • Wendy Eckenrod-Green – Student Teachers and Wellness
  • Tay Keong Tan – Grade Appeals: Adjustment, Accommodation, or Appeasement?


Shark Tank Winners - August 2015

  • Roann Barris – The Aesthetics of Science and the Science of Art
  • Dan Gilbert – Focusing on Feedback to Improve Public Speaking
  • Darren Minarik – Answering Compelling Discussion Questions
  • Tay Keong Tan – Integrity in the Classrooms without Policing or Punishment
  • Laura Vernon – Grammar Unwrapped