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The CITL Workshop is part of the campus network of Maker spaces, and represents a convergence of media, design, making, outreach, innovation, research and creativity-driven teaching and learning. The space features multiple workstations and resources including practical tools; a Double robot; media production software and hardware; drone fleet; Max/MSP/Jitter and Raspberry Pi development; digital cutting and sewing; apparal design and laminating; and, magnet and badge making.

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CITL Workshop activities include:

- Faculty, Staff and Student Consultation
- Small group workshops
- Faculty development
- Teaching systems R&D
- Media development
- Electronics and robotics
- Student entrepreneurship
- Programming and design
- K12 and community outreach

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Patrons wishing to use the workshop may do so on an appointment/reservation basis. Use of this equipment requires training, and is thereafter available by reservation. Once trained, patrons can make reservations online, by phone (540-831-5974) or in-person. There is a three hour limit per day (nine hours per week) for workstations. Signups are done on a weekly basis, starting on Monday. If a patron is late for his/her reservation, the workstation will be released after 15 minutes have expired from the reservation time.


  • CITL staff members are not permitted to develop, create, or modify any patron work.
  • CITL resources may not be used to create for-profit or other non-academic media/material/property.
  • CITL will comply with U.S. law regarding fair use and copyright and will respect rights of all intellectual property. Information regarding fair use and copyright is available online.
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